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Thread: Should i be worried? I havent got my ebay purchase yet...

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Default Should i be worried? I havent got my ebay purchase yet...

So I got a good deaL on some clod axles and I payed for them on the 6/22/04 and I still havent got them Ive sent the seller 2 emails and he hasent replied he has tons of feedback 315 to be exact is one of the reasons i baught them from him...i got this email from ebay that was a end of auction bid confirm...and they sent me all his info including name,address, and phone number i would call him but i have no long distance .....so my question is should I begin to worry?
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Default Re: Should i be worried? I havent got my ebay purchase yet..

(Sorry this is going to be a long rant)

Yes and no. Yes because you spent money on it and you aren't getting a respone, but no because respectable Ebayers with good backgrounds generally come through good in the end.

With that said, all I can say is cross your fingers. I too had a similar issue. I bought two clod busters, several bodies, transmitters, chargers, and spare parts for a GREAT PRICE from a person on Ebay. The seller didn't respond to my multiple emails until a few weeks later. Turns out they were out of town or something. They finally sent the package and I was excited.

Time went along and I didn't receive it, so I emailed them again asking what the delay might be. Turns out they had sent it AND received confirmation of delivery. I checked the USPS website and sure enough, they show that the package was delivered to Santa Clara (where I live). It didn't show any other information. So I jumped on the phone with the USPS and told them my story that I haven't received my package yet. They told me that all indications show that it was delivered, but they will open up an investigation. A few days go by and another person calls me from the local office. He had only one thing to say which was "We delivered it". He got the delivery lady on his radio to confirm stories as well. She stated that she knocked, no one was home, so she left the package because she felt it was safe. She got to the neighbors house, looked back and saw someone come out of the house and pick up the package. 3 lies in a row. First, there is no "Safe" place in front of my house since my whole porch is clearly visible from the street. How can you safely hide a box that big anyway??

Second, nobody was home. My wife was gone and I was in Utah (covering UROC for Pirate), so she couldn't have seen someone come out of the house and grab the package. You might ask me how I know that noone was in my house other than my wife or I? Couldn't it have been a burglar or somone?

That's my third catch in her lie. She said when she was at the neighbors house (next door that is), she turned around and some someone come out and grab the box. B.S. My house has a 20 foot tall row of trees and shrubs in the way making it IMPOSSIBLE for her to see this action take place. So, she was making up the story to cover her ass. (yes I am bitter)

So the guy on the phone (her boss I believe) just said that they delivered it and they couldn't do anything for me.

So, to make a long story longer, make sure you follow the tracking of your box as soon as you get the number. Request a signed receipt in order for them to drop it off. I am out my parts and money and can't afford to throw more money at it now to build a crawler. So I can't go rock crawling with everyone thanks to USPS.

Good Luck and hope your story turns out better than mine.
-Sam "the Bitter one"
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Default Re: Should i be worried? I havent got my ebay purchase yet..

well no worries the guy came thru and finnaly got here after 2 weeks....\

It just kills me cuz Ive beend ripped twice this year so im extra carefull everytime i buy something online...

lol there for sale by the way
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