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Thread: Competition Rules: Scoring

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Competition Rules: Scoring

The topic of competition rules has become very complicated.

To simplify the disscusion a little please post you opinion here about : SCORING
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Competition Rules: Scoring

Originally Posted by kevinlongisland
- I agree we must consider new drivers to keep them in the sport.

- I also think the rules should focus on promoting driving as much as possible, and not using the rules to get out of a situation. Basically, discouraging bypassing, rollovers, re-positioning, etc.

i think vehicle breakage is an important issue. No one want to drive 12 hours, have their vehicle break, and then be way behind. I think if the vehicle can be repaired within the time limits of the comp, the person should be allowed to continue where they broke with no or little penalty points.

i also agree with fishmaxx, there should be a maxx point value for a gate, even if you accrued 1000 points attempting the gate, if you bypass you only get a bypass score.

Starting Position:
Position in the starting lineup for each event is chosen randomly. All subsequent sections the first to start will be the one with the lowest score in the previous section and the second to start will be the next lowest and so on.

+2 Repositioning your vehicle incurs 2 penalty points. Drivers should attempt to get out of any situation their trucks have gotten into.

Gate By-Pass:
+5 You may choose to by-pass any gate at any time during your run. However, you must attempt a gate and receive at least 1 penalty point before you choose this option. The maximum amount of penalty points a driver can receive on any gate is 5.

0 There are no penalties for reverse, I encourage drivers to analyze obstacles and set up along the best line.

Gate Marker:
+1 points for a gate marker offense. This includes any contact with the gate marker, or driving over the gate marker (straddling). A straddle is defined as having the vehicle’s tire touch the ground, rock, or tree outside of the gate.

+1 Any rollover incurs penalty points, whether the vehicle lands on it’s wheels or not. This is to encourage driving the obstacle carefully. The truck can be repositioned at the point of the rollover or anywhere behind that point.

Time Violation:
There is a three minute time limit for each gate. At 3 minutes you will be assessed 1 penalty point and you will receive 1 additional point for each minute beyond 3 minutes. At 5 minutes, the driver will be assigned a total of 6 penalty points total for that gate and allowed to continue past the gate.

DNF (Did Not Finish):
At anytime during a section you may elect to withdraw from that section. At that time you will receive a score equal to the highest individual score received by all the drivers on that section plus 1 additional penalty point.

Vehicle Breakage:

Bonus Gates:
Some obstacles will feature Bonus Gates that designate more difficult routes through an obstacle. The gates will be designated by different colored markers or chalk. Bonus Points will be issued for each bonus gate a driver completes.
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