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rockslider42 10-09-2004 09:01 PM

Competition course questions
I am going to build a crawling course, and I need to get some input on how to build a competition course. I need to know how wide, how long, and how high to go to be competition legal. Also I want some input on what some of you guys like, because I'm planning to have a little get together in the near future, and I want it to be a course that you guys wont forget, so post away with any ideas or comments you have so I can get busy building it. The sooner we get this built the sooner we can all get a competition together and have some fun..

jason 10-09-2004 09:12 PM

Re: Competition course questions
Where in Commerce City are you building a course? I live in Thornton, but gew up in CC. I own one of the big trailer parks on Hwy2. On my course I try to build all the obsticals at least 24" wide so there are several lines available. Length and height are up to you, and how hard you want to make things.

rockslider42 10-09-2004 09:25 PM

Re: Competition course questions
Jason I'm building this in my back yard. I have alot of rocks back there already. All I need to do is place them, and I want it to go from easy to very difficult just to keep things interesting and fun. If your not too busy tomorrow Jason, come on down and give us some pointers. Any help would be apriciated.

Off topic I live right off of Highway 2 and Holly.

jason 10-09-2004 09:27 PM

Re: Competition course questions
PM me your addy, I might be able to stop by. If I did it would be first thing in the morning. I work all night until 8am, then I'd run home and grab my crawler and come over, before I go to bed.

It really helps to have a crawler there as you build the course to make sure it's doable.

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