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Thread: Competition Planning and Course Setup

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Originally Posted by badgravity
can those rules be used outside US ?
Translated into other language and change symbolics while keeping
healthy respect and links to original authors ?

I think Jason would be honored.
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I had to post a link to this video.

Now this is some killer setup on the courses!

WARCRC Comp 6 Winter Series Season Finale Video is Available

Thats how its done!!
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Default did this ever get done?

Originally Posted by jason View Post
Awesome, I am currently working on another project that will help new guys figure out how to hold their own events, but I doubt it'll be done for several months.
I was just wondering if there was anything that came of this effort, or if there are still plans to do this?

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Hello guys, I'm tryin to organised some kind of crawling comp and I need an example of scorring sheet, I remember seeing one somewhere but can't find it anymore. Anyway, from what I remember, I didn't completly understand how it worked so I would have had to ask for help anyway....

I know the easyest way would be to attend a comp but as far as I know, their's no comp anywhere near my place...

Any help would be greatlly appreciated.

If it can be of any help, I plan on using USRCCA rules unless someone provide me with a better version of a rule book... But that I doubt

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I have started a series hear in Indiana and used the usrcca rules they are a nice set of rules and tips for running a event.

in my sig I have the link to the rules and a link to our series page, the link to the score sheet is on the front page.
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Talking netxt comp.

when will be the next cop? Were would it be located at? I want to go to my first comp soon.
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check this out

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Default Notes and Lessons Learned from the 2009 Midwest Challange

The 2009 2.2. Midwest Crawler Challenge is a huge event. 100+ competitors, major sponsors, big $ prizes, and national level exposure and competitors.

Here are some suggestions for all events going forward:


    • There can be a ton of cash coming in for these events. Assure you trust them with thousands of dollars in sponsorship and entry fees.
    • There could also be a income tax considerations
  • I took a bunch of heat when I bumped the 2008 $25 entry fee to $50, but even two months from the event date we only have 13 of the 100 entries left to sell so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I think event the super cheap folks now understand that these events cost money. Honestly, if you can’t afford the $50 entry fee, you probably can’t afford the travel and should consider another hobby that fits your budget better.
  • I would suggest if this is a club hosted outdoor event, where existing course is used and there is no course build cost, $25-$40 is a good entry fee.
    • With the exception of your time, about the only real cost will be the numerous course markers, and t-shirts.
    • Try to target enough money from the entry fees that you can at least cover your costs and give away a nice kit to the winner.
    • The better the prizes the more the event will grow.
  • Indoor events such as the 2.2. MICC are extraordinarily expensive.
    • The KCRC team who hosting the event last year went seriously in the hole and had large out of pocket expenses.
    • An event like the 2.2. MICC can easily have costs exceeding $4000 including course build, shirts, and venue hosting costs and you still need to pony up for some giveaways. A $5K budget is not out of the question.
    • For indoor events, most venues will require a per entry charge for hosting the event of at least $5-$10.
    • Make a budget before you state the price for the event. The entry fees don't go as far as you think they will, especially if you want to have t-shirts for the event. You don't want to have to make up the difference out of your pocket.
    • Even at $50 a pop and cash sponsors our budget was/is still tight.
  • Typical Costs
    • T-Shirts $10 each – typical 50-100 shirt minimum
    • Logo development - $200-$500
      • Do it once and you have a good looking logo going forward.
      • I used Freq E Tag and Neal did an outstanding job. Highly recommended and very professional.
    • Course Markers $20/4 – USRCCA note 3-10 gates per course and 1-3 courses. Potentially you could need 30 gate markers or about $150-$200 worth of gate markers. Keep that in mind, it’s a big up front cost for small events.
    • Hosted Venue – As noted, could be $5-$10 per entry.
    • National/State park entry fees – you may spend more that a few weekends at the park. You need to check with the Ranger, they may have restrictions or deposits for large groups to use or reserve an area. Check on group discounts.
    • Giveaways – Sponsors will only give so much, so you will need to add some giveaways using entry fee $$.
    • Indoor course development/build – This could be huge depending on how resourceful you are. We allotted over $3000 for course building.

Use EventBrite to book the event (http://www.eventbrite.com/r/nsca)

I can't possible tell you how freaking easy this makes the sign up, sales, and overall managment of the event. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

  • Looks professional and adds credibility to the event
  • Shows sponsors you are not just someone looking for free stuff.
  • Lessens participant back out
  • Eliminated no-pays and chasing down entry fees
  • Money dumps right into a PayPal account
  • Fees ($50 entry was $1.25 per ticket) can be in addition to the ticket price or included in the ticket price.
  • Allows for discount or fee ticket codes for judges, scorekeepers, last year’s winner,…etc.
  • Enter the event location and it generates a event map automatically.
  • Allows you to specify registration questions entrants must provide. This would otherwise be a giant pain to keep track of.
    • I asked what rig, ESC, tire, etc. would they be running, what class and t-shirt size, along with a few other questions.
    • I even asked if they wanted to be promoted by sponsors or other industry related manufacturers/retailers (this allows you to legally provide this info to manufacturers - very valuable info to collect).
  • Allows for digital check in via bar code scanning and any PC video camera - (requires free Eventbrite software install.)
  • Excel and other reports show you all the info compiled and sliced and diced - SUPER HANDY AND CONVENIENT
  • Note to entrants that registrations are transferable, but are not refundable after a certain date (I would recommend at least 30 days before the event). This allows people to transfer them to someone else if they are not able to attend at the last minute, but prevents wishy washing decisions and constant cancelations.
  • Charge a cancelation fee in excess of you EventBrite and Paypal fees. Ours cancelation fee was $10.

  • Bluntly put, a high % of previous crawler events/comps have used “sponsorship” as a way of raping the vendors for free products... and most especially the ones with $$ to spend have about had it with the "crawler events". Some were/are down right pissed. If your intent is to get stuff to stick in your closet, don't, all it does it make it tough for legitimate events to get sponsorship.
  • Keep an accounting off everything the sponsor donated for the event.
  • Provide them with sponsor donation receipts they can use for tax purposes based on the value they donated.
  • Don't lump all sponsors together (unless it's a very small event).
  • Sponsors give at different levels so assure you have a tiered sponsor level.
    • For the 2009 2.2. MICC we set
      • (1) $400 + product Platinum Title Event Sponsor
      • (4) $250 + product for Platinum Course Sponsors
      • $50-$100 + product for Gold Sponsors.
      • General product sponsors - Silver sponsors
      • Silver sponsors do not appear on the shirt or in marketing info.
  • ALL PRODUCT DONATED MUST GO TO GIVEAWAYS (no matter how cool you think it is). This makes the event better and stronger when sponsors and participants know they will walk away with something. Several of the sponsors I worked with told me stories that their X products were never given away... they just vanished. This makes us all look bad.
  • Put together a bulleted list of what a sponsor will get.
    • Example
      • Platinum Sponsorship
        • Course branded sponsorship
        • Preferred banner and logo placement at event over gold or silver sponsors.
        • Display table/booth at the event
        • Product/brand highlight during the event
        • Media coverage – RC Car Magazine and RCCrawler.com live web feed coverage.
  • If you are hosting the event on site at a Hobby Retailer, then try to work with the retailer and sponsor to offer event day specials to foster sales. Good for the hobby shop, attendees, and the sponsor.
  • Be good to the sponsors and they will return next year bigger and better. Treat them like $2 hookers and we can all kiss their involvement in any future events goodbye.

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Default Notes and Lessons Learned from the 2009 Midwest Challange - Part 2

Part 2


  • Pick a date at least 2 months out. Some of the competitors/Crawlers are so hard core they will risk job and marriage for the event, others have lives that we will need to manage the event into.
  • If you think you need RCCrawler.com live coverage, make sure you check with Badger and Jason FIRST before setting the date. We had to change the date, because of their availability.
  • Saturday’s seem to work the best for everyone involved and allow travel on Friday and Sunday to and from the event.

  • Try to set up a special hotel rate for the event at a decent moderately priced hotel. Noting most of us that can afford to go to these events probably are not interested in Bob’s Flea Bag Motel for $25 a night. Pick something like a Holiday Inn Express or Fairfield Inn.
  • Food – I am still working on this, but I would suggest setting aside some money to provide drinks and some food for the judges and scorekeepers. The 2.2 MICC is expected to be a long 10+ hour day and we need to keep the judges and scorekeepers happy. Bring in breakfast and lunch for them. If you are in a remote park, definitely have extra drink to provide or sell.
  • Provide directions and a Map if possible.
  • Day before and day of Event HOTLINE for all competitors.
  • Let competitors know how comprehensive the retailer or retailers are near the event. They may need to bring extra gear.

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That was an awesome post, stampedeproject - great info.

Something that gets missed by most small clubs is the importance of ensuring that their organizations - and ther board of directors - have people whose skills will be useful in achieving the organization's goals.

For this particular topic, if your club is looking to put on an event, check your member list for:
  • Event promoters / wedding planners;
  • Sales or marketing professionals / entrepreneurs;
  • Accountants / bookkeepers;
There is a high likelihood that someone in your area who's into RC crawling does (or has done) one of the above jobs - or is married/related to someone who does. Even if you can't get them to provide their services for free, it's likely they'd be happy to provide some guidance to help you along the path.

If you don't have them, figure out how to get them involved. Be strategic in your member and board recruitment - figure out what skills your organization needs, and then try to fill the group with people who have those skills and who share your organization's goals and love of this hobby.
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Thanks alot, I was going to talk to you about alot of this stuff at the comp. Now I don't have to pick your brain, you just layed it out for me.

I be taking these notes to the club when we talk about CRAWLAPALOOZA 09.
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any comps happening in az now or are they all in the winter
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have been running comps in western colorado for one year now and now we are getting insurance and permitts for running on BLM, was wondering if there is a ins. group we can go through, steve from grand valley crawling club
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are the 2005 rules the same now? have any revisions been made my lhs is thinking about doing some comps
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Originally Posted by DyrtyByrd View Post
are the 2005 rules the same now? have any revisions been made my lhs is thinking about doing some comps
Rules have been update considerably.

Here is the link for your viewing and resourse use. Enjoy.


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Default Re: Competition Planning and Course Setup

awesome info guys! I've been to one event and it lasted close to 5 hours and there were approximately 60 gates I believe.im assuming that 5 hours isn't the usual time. I like the idea of the whole course able to be seen from one side to the other to save you trekking back and forth once you're done with the competition.
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Default Re: Competition Planning and Course Setup

Thanks for this info
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