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Default Club Listings, Find your local club here!

Up-date: 4-5-11 We have changed how clubs get listed and what requirements are needed to get nationals invites. New requirements can be found here:
How to get your club recognized by the USRCCA

If any changes need to be made, or up-dates to the club listings, please PM me.

Click here for the Calendar of Events:
RCCrawler Calendar of Events

Before requesting that your club be added to the list, please review the RCC rules for club listing:

1. All club listing requests will be reviewed by all moderators.
2. The club must have put on at least 6 events (comp or get together) that where listed here on RCC. You must include the links to 6 or more events when you pm me.
3. The club must have a member or be vouched for by a member with over 200 posts and that has been a member for over 6 months. Include this members screen name in your pm.
4. A list of members must be included with the request.
5. Most importantly, RCC staff must be familiar with the group. That means your on RCC frequently and have posted enough events and pictures/results afterwards that we are familiar with your group.

R/C Rock Crawling Clubs:
Clubs, please pm me if you want your club added here, or an event added to the calendar.

State: Hawaii
City: Honolulu
Club Name: Hawaii RC Crawlers
Contact Person: DISTURBIN' tha PEACE
Contact Email:sa50nuts@hotmail.com
Website:n/a yet

State: Nevada
City: Las Vegas
Club Name: SinCityRCRC
Contact Person: Franky_Rizzo
Contact Email: vegasrccrawler@cox.net
Website: www.sincityrcrc.com

State: Oregon
City: Portland Area
Club Name: ORCRC (Oregon R/C Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: toyofast, rbgerrish, hackster
Contact Email:
Website: http://www.orcrc.com/

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Club Name: PARC (Phoenix Arizona Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: kevinlongisland
Contact Email: kevinlongisland@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.thecrawlerstore.com/events.html

State: California
City: The Bay Area
Club Name: Nor-CalRCRC(Northern California RC Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: Badger, SlinkySam
Contact Email: john@rccrawler.com
Website: www.nor-calrcrc.com

State: Tennessee
Club Name: SERCRC (South East Remote Control Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: Badd , Fishmaxx
Contact Email: bad_example_me@hotmail.com
Website: http://sercrc.com/

State: Utah
City: Provo/Salt Lake City
Club Name: UTRCRC (Utah R/C Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: Pinchflat, Kaetwo
Contact Email: info@utrcrc.com
Website: www.utrcrc.com

State: Victoria
City: Melbourne, Australia
Club Name: VRRC(Victorian Radio Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: Ben Collings (Clodossal)
Contact Email: vrrc@iprimus.com.au
Website: TBA

State: New England
City: n/a
Club Name: NERCC (New England RC Crawlers)
Contact Person: kona_joe
Contact Email: konajoe@nercc.net
Website: http://www.nercc.net

State: Missiouri
City: St.Louis
Contact Person: Xtremekrawler8, ChavezSA
Contact Email: Omygosh3629@aol.com, chavezsa@yahoo.com,keith@stlscalerc.com
Website: www.freewebs.com/stlrcrc,www.stlscalerc.com

State: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky
City: N/A
Club Name: Tri-State Crawlers
Contact Person: TwistedCreations
Contact Email: TwistedCreations@cinci.rr.com
Website: http://www.tri-statecrawlers.com/

State: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
City: N/A
Club Name: MWRCA (Midwest Rockcrawlers Association)
Contact Person: Mnster
Contact Email: Mnsterbruiser@yahoo.com
Website: www.MWRCA.net

State: Minnesota
City: Twin Cities
Club name: MNRCRC (Minnesota Radio controlled rock crawlers)
Contact person: Freetimecrawler
Contact email: TGlomski1@msn.com

state:New Mexico
Club name:NMRCC
contact person:jgmmotorsport,cloak

State: North Carolina
City: China Grove
Club Name: Carolina Rock Runners
Contact Person: renoirbud
Contact Email: renoirbud@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.ncrccrawlers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=49

State: California
City: Los Angeles - Southern California
Club Name: SoCalRCRC (So Cal RC Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: Pres. Johnson420 or VP. Krawlr4Life
Contact Email:
Website: http://www.socalrcrc.org

State: Montana
City: Helena
Club Name: MTRCRC
Contact Person: Unimoger
Contact Email: ben@montanascaledesigns.com
Website: www.montanascaledesigns.com

State: Tennessee
City: Knoxville
Club Name: East Tennessee Rock Crawlers
Contact Person: phishead1101
Contact Email:jason@knoxbijou.com
Website:Coming soon!

State: Connecicut
City: n/a
Club Name: CT Rock Crawlers
Contact Person: Brandon Wilcox
Contact Email: brandonw@ctrockcrawlers.com
Website: www.ctrockcrawlers.com

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Club Name: WARCRC
Contact Person: Grover, I B RACIN

City: RENO
Club Name: B.P.R.C.A
Contact Person: JAKE OR BRIAN
Website: www.therockgods.com

State: East Washington
City: Kennewick
Club Name: EWRCRC
Contact Person: Red Rockcrawler
Contact Email: ewrcrc@gmail.com
Website: www.ewrcrc.com

State: Texas
City: Austin
Club Name: TXRCRCA "Texas RC Rock Crawler Association"
Contact Person: STANG KILLA SS
Contact Email: fbodygraphics@hotmail.com
Website: www.TXRCRCA.com

State: PA
City: Western PA
Club Name: Western PA Crawlers (W.Pa.C.)
Contact Person: rckcrwlr
email: rckcrwlr@wpac-rc.com
website: www.wpac-rc.com

State: Oklahoma
Club Name: OKRCRC (Oklahoma RC Rock Crawlers)
Contact Person: cdaniel13
Contact Email:cd@mcloudteleco.com
Website: http://www.okrcrc.net/

State: Georgia
City: ATL
Club Name: Rock Crawlers of ATL
Contact Person: TLTRyan
Contact Email: tltryan@sercrc.com
Website: http://www.atlantarccrawlers.com/

State: PA
City: Susquehanna Valley Area
Club Name: Susquehanna Valley Scale Crawlers (SVSC)
Contact Person: kilatruck (Jeremy)/ rocjoc (Bob)
Contact: jrkilburn@msn.com (Jeremy)
XJJeep9@comcast.net (Bob)
Website: www.team-svsc.com

State: New Jersey (also serving NY, PA, DE)
City: Jersey City/ Little falls
Club Name: Garden State Radio Controlled Rock Crawler
Contact Person: PROTOTYPE
Contact Email: gotfrontdig@gmail.com

Club Name: NARCCA-North Arizona RC Crawler Assoc
Contact Person: Ryan Winkelman
RCC Screenname: winkscrawler
Contact Email:rwinkster@gmail.com

State: Colorado
Club Name: Colorado RCCrawlers
Contact Person:Chris Ladd
RCC Screenname: Grizzly4x4
Contact Email: papagriz@q.com

State: Missouri
Club Name: CMRCRC:Central Missouri RC Rock Crawlers
Contact Person:John Jakob
RCC Screenname: Unholy
Contact Email:paintballalien1@charter.net

State: Virginia
City: Richmond
Club Name: VARCOR - Virginia RC Off Roaders
Contact Person: '04 Rubicon
Contact email: sameold77@gmail.com
Website: http://www.varcoffroaders.com

City: Gainesville
Club Name: Sunshine State R/C Crawlers
Contact Person: Scattman
Contact Email: matthew.tiller@gmail.com
Website:n/a yet

State: Ohio
City: N/A
Club Name: Northern Ohio Scale Trail Runners (NOSTR)
Contact Person: Sloppy
Contact: mperry3@kent.edu

State: Missouri
City: Kansas City
Club Name: KCRC
Contact Person: Zorlac, Muddauber7
Contact Email: Muddauber7@gmail.com
Website: TBA

State: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
City: Little Rock, AR
Contact Person: Brian Byrd (bbyrd22)
Contact Email: razrbyrd@hotmail.com
Website: http://arklamissrcrc.freeforums.org/index.php

State: Michigan
City: Metro Detroit
Club Name: MiRCa
Contact person: Courtney Farmer
Contact E-mail: xjfarmer@yahoo.com
Website: under construction

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