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Thread: Recon G6 style event help.

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Landy mad
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Default Recon G6 style event help.

Looking to try and organise an event of this type as a progress from our usual scale competition courses so that people get more driving time in.

I may be thinking about this too much and getting myself all confused so am looking for some pointers as to how to set up and run one.

Does anyone have a picture of one of their score cards they could post up?

Do people use what is posted on reconcrawlers as a basic guideline and then make your own rules as you see fit?

Do you all put mandatory skill sections in and if so are these contained within the main course?

Probably not going to have masses of people enter so I think I could get away with setting everyone off at the same time rather than stagger so the timekeeping is simplified.

All help appreciated.


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Default Re: Recon G6 style event help.

to start .... I would leave out the skill section and start with the basics, the rules on the recon site are a great place to start and not even change the more rules = the more complicated and open to interpretation and trouble

the current G6's are a lemans style start and yes the skill sections are set within the course

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Default Re: Recon G6 style event help.

here's the latest scorecard,

THANK YOU FAST EDDIE BEARINGS, the "official" bearing of the RECON G6.

stamps, stickers, hole punches box. Parker places these items on the trail at various locations to ensure you drive all the trail markers. missing one of these is a 15 to 30 minute penalty added to your time.

notes box, is for anything out of the ordinary you might see or find, e.g. trail marker missing, tree chewed on by beaver, homeless encampment, skipped trail markers 31-33 due to bee hive, anything.

Parker has a treasure hunt at every one and places trinkets on the trail usually related to the event theme for you too find. they have a time bonus for finding and carrying on your rig at the finish. the grand prize is usually worth 30 minutes. at one event you had to collect letters and figure out the saying for the time bonus.

there are only the 4 rules Recon uses, it is up to the drivers honor as to keeping it real. if you roll on your lid and have to move your rig to get your winch line, put it back how it was, then winch out, and continue on. i will move my rig out of the way if needed for a battery change then put it back when done.

halfcab's advice is good to follow for the first one. get some input from drivers for changes at the next one. i've watched the G6 from the first one, evolve to what it is today, because Parker listens and will try something new to see if it helps the experience.

hope this helps and always remember rule #4 "have fun"
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Landy mad
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Default Re: Recon G6 style event help.

Thanks for the help.

I like the idea of keeping it simple for our first attempt
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Default Re: Recon G6 style event help.

Reviving a long dead thread I know. Just curious if anyone knew of ready made, generic score cards similar to this that could be ordered. Or even a file that could be taken to a print shop, to save some time of having to design our own.

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