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Team KNK 06-11-2014 12:42 AM

2014 Team KNK Hardware Top Truck Challenge June 7th
The Top Truck Challenge has came and gone. We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this event a huge success. We could not have put on such an event without the help from the sponsors, judges and most of all the compet...itors. We wanted to promote our event as a Family Fun Competition and we believe we did just that. There were a total of 89 drivers, 133 entries and over 300 total people at the event. We had competitors from 7 different states fighting for the top spot. With the help of the sponsors we were able to give everyone something to take home with them. I believe the kids had a BLAST on their very own comp course.
I personally would like to thank all the guys who came out to help work on the course prior to the event. There were several days that we had 3-6 guys out there moving rock, dirt and whatever else to make the course what it was. The sponsor were GREAT, we had enough door prizes that everyone went home with something. Seeing peoples faces when you draw their number is priceless. It was nice to see everyone win. Can't say enough for the judges. Between the Dayton RC Mafia, Ohio RC Scale Gurus, Buckeye RC Dirt Pullers and the boys from JCM RC Customs we were able to keep the show moving right along in a timely manner. These guys were out in the sun all day and I never heard one complaint. To be able to run 133 people thru the course in 10 hours without feeling rushed is unheard of. Now the competitors, you guys/gals were awesome. You all are the reason I have stuck with this hobby for so long. I watched all day as you waited your turn at the next event. Everyone was in good spirits and ready for some friendly competition. As the contest director you guys/gals made my job easy. I didn't have to deal with any disputes or arguments what so ever. For this I say thank you.
We heard several people use different words to describe the course. Some of them were radical, gnarly, tough and most of all awesome. We wanted to put together something that would make you want to come back for more. We are looking for input for the next event. Both positive or negative we would like to know. We want to put together another event later in the year after a few of the other local competitions.
Again we would like to thank everyone that was a part of this great event.
Thank you,
Mike and Amberly Kirby

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