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NaZ-T 11-02-2015 11:44 AM

801rcc 2015 Ultra4 and Trail Event #11 "Silver State 600"
801rcc 2015 Ultra4 and Trail Event #11 "Silver State 600"

A battle is fought every month in Utah, sometimes near it's boarders, sometimes in it's mountains, other times in it's deserts. This Battle is not a fight against an enemy, but instead a fight against Mother Natures terrain. Her weapons take form in dirt, rock, weather, and time. Our weapons come in the form of R/C vehicles. Each vehicle an extension of it's driver. Mother Nature will try to slow you and even stop you if she can. It is up you to choose your weapon and plan of attack. But your biggest choice is..... will you make it to the finish line??

Saturday November 14th, 2015
  • 9-9:30am: Course Setup
    10am: Sign Ups/Tech
    10:45am: Pics and Drivers Meeting
    11am: Race Starts

"West Wendover Nv.
  • NAME: West Wendover
    LOCATION: Wendover Nv.
    TERRAIN: West Desert rock
    TRACTION: extremely high

GPS Coordinates (via google)
40.742076, -114.104384

Wendover has turned out to be a great place to play with R/C's and Ultra4 racing should be a premium. Many of the members come out and spend the weekend with their wives and not only enjoy some great crawling but also some good food, fun gaming, and maybe even some drinks. With amenities only a mile away makes this spot a premium. Come on out and enjoy a day of racing, then run just down the road and enjoy the evening of fun at the casinos.

**Up For Grabs**
  • Ultra Dog Tags: Finish with fasted over all time in either 2.2 or 1.9 Ultra class. Fly when you can but watch the penalties
    Trail Dog Tags: Out for a trail run, notice your surroundings
    Stock Dog Tags: Challenge yourself with a Stock RTR or kit car. Go for speed, or clean driving. Both will be rewarded.
    Theme Dog Tag: Driver with the best item or vehicle based on the theme of the race. Creativity might be best

**Not required but highly recommended**
  • A few $$ Bucks $$ for the donation box
    A recovery strap or winch.
    5 scale items
    Prepping for wet conditions

Ultra Class Notes:
  • Ultra drivers are scored on penalties and time.
    Ultra drivers must have a timer (stopwatch, cell phone, etc)
    Ultra Drivers will scores bonuses for assisting other drivers (Must use tow strap or other items carried by the vehicle)
    Ultra drivers should have a score counter (a decent golf counter works well)

Trail Class Notes:
  • Trail drivers are scored on penalties not time.
    Time will only be used in the event of a tie.
    Trail drivers will not score bonuses for assists
    Trail drivers will have hidden bonuses (that may or may not be disclosed during the drivers meeting)

Stock Class Notes:
  • Stock drivers can not score bonuses of any kind.

  • Theme for this event: Thanksgiving
    All Drivers must post a pic of their rig in this thread before the day of the event
    ALL Vehicles must compete in the event with any and all items
    Voting will take place during the drivers meeting

  • Ultra Drivers 400+ GATES
    Trail and Stock Drivers 200GATES

In true 801RCC fashion this will be a FREE event and is open to everyone!!

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