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fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:25 PM

Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017

Check our FB page also...


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NfCjGcHnsio" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Official Expo trailer...

2017 USTE Schedule


Thursday March 16th
9:00am gates open to VENDORS ONLY
11:00am Gates open to public, Registration is open
12:00pm-5:30pm Vendor Showcase Open
1:00pm Trail, Rally Course, and Basher Park open
5:30pm All Courses close
6:00 Opening ceremony
5 Minute Q & A ~ ScaleBuildersGuild
***6:30 Key Note Speaker: Chris Robinson and Dana Clarke GCMRacing
7:45 Cedar Lake Woods and Gardens closed to public

Friday March 17th
7:00am registration opens
8:00am-10:30am TinyTruck Gallery (top 35 trucks will have gallery finalist scale banner) All finalists must bring their trucks to picture wall for final voting and awards!
8:00am-10:30am Vendor Showcase Open
8:15am-10:00am Flatland Drags, think you can WIN a truck?
10:00am-11:00am Rally Hot Laps (Sponsored by JConcepts) think you can run the fastest time
10:00am Trails, Rally Course, Basher Park, and Flatlander Drags Open
5 Minute Q & A~ Beeftubes
***11:30 Speaker: Desmond Mooney PitBull Tires
12:30pm-6:00pm Vendor Showcase Open
5 Minute Q & A~ American Alpha Apparel
***1:00pm Speaker: Kate O'Neil Castle Creations Motor/Esc tech.
5 Minute Q & A~ JSScale
***2:00pm Speaker: Andy Lowry (Lappdogg) Paint
5 Minute Q & A~ Gigabit Games
***3:30pm Speaker: Tim Samuels (Warpig) Chassis building
5 Minute Q & A~ JConcepts
***4:30 Speaker: Anthony Rivas (RivasConcepts) Photography
5:30pm Warpigs driving school: How 1:1 driving translates into our scale RC's.
6:00pm All courses closed.
7:45 Night Run LIMITED ENTRY [pre- purchased tickets only!] meet at registration tent for your groups.
9:30 Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens closed to public

Saturday March 18th
7:00am Gates open to Vendors
7:30am Gates open to public registration open.
7:30am-10:30am Vendor Showcase Open
9:30am Trail, Rally Course, Basher Park, and Flatlander drag Open
5 Minute Q & A~ ScalerFab
*** 10:30am Speaker: Brian Almeida (ExclusiveRC) 3d Printing
5 Minute Q 7 A~ Knight Customs
*** 11:30am Speaker: Matthew Kett (ScaleBuildersGuild) Styrene Building
12:30pm-6:00pm Vendor Showcase Open
5 Minute Q & A~ KnK Hardware
*** 2:00pm Speaker: Blake Livelsberger (MetalMasher) Metal Bodies
5 Minute Q & A~ BowHouseRC
*** 3:00pm Speaker: Nick Chwalek (HeliosRC) Batteries
4:15pm Basher Park Freestyle! (who can jump the furthest, the highest, and break the most parts??? Sissy trucks need not apply!) impromptu verbal smack down may ensue!!!!
6:00pm Raffles, Winning Vehicle displays and Closing ceremony
9:00pm Cedar Lake Woods and Gardens closed to public

fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:26 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
• What is “Ultimate Scale Truck Expo” ?

Ultimate Scale Truck Expo is an immersive event designed to give back to the attendee. Unlike other events that are based around a competition, Expo is based around learning and skill building. Competition and driving take a side seat to hearing some of the brightest folks in the scale R/C industry talk about how they do what they do. There will be demonstrations and maybe hands-on learning of scale building skills. Expo is also a much more relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time for attendees to network and get to know other hobbyists. There is also the opportunity for attendees to have face to face interactions with the best vendors in the industry.
It is our hope and goal for attendees to leave the Expo inspired with new methods and skills for building scale R/C vehicles. It is also our hope to provide a venue for vendors and hobbyists’ to be able to have one on one, meaningful, in person interactions. Lastly it is our goal to promote our hobby in a meaningful, relaxed, friendly environment that encourages family involvement.

• What do we offer the attendee?

We offer the attendee the opportunity to meet first hand, some of the best builders in the hobby. We also offer them the opportunity to learn and interact with these builders during presentations. We offer a relaxed venue to hangout and interact with other hobbyist and vendors. This event does not solely focus on scale crawlers. There will be a rally course and possibly drift area as well. We will offer friendly, relaxed, off road courses that focus on the scale realism of peoples R/Cs. We will offer a variety of other family friendly activities on site as well.

Here are some of the events happening at the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo

...10 Skill building presentations from the best builders in our hobby

...A LARGE vendors area to meet with your favorite vendor in person

...7 large Scale courses to run with over 1000 gates

...A Rallye course

...GCM Gallery show

...Raffles and give aways

...Online best Pic contest

...Botanical Gardens

...1:1 Vehicle displays

...Warpig's school of Comp driving

...Flatlander Drags

...JConcepts Rally "Hot Laps"

...Limited entry Special Night run

...RC4WD 6x6 Trial Course Challenge

fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:26 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
• Where is it going to be and when?

The Expo is scheduled for March 16th-18th 2017. This time of year in Florida the weather is very mild and favorable for outdoor activities. The location for the Expo is central Florida, near Williston. We have secured a Botanical Garden and repurposed rock quarry. This quarry provides unique terrain that is not found anywhere else in Florida. It provides a very photogenic back drop for scale photography and videography. The terrain is also challenging enough to make driving fun and interesting.
There is plenty of nearby lodging and other activities. Other attractions include….Devils Den Springs, Ocala National Forest, Disney World theme parks, dozens of natural springs, gulf fishing, Cape Canaveral (NASA), swimming with manatees and many others.

fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:26 PM

We want folks to be able to take something home from the Expo. Something real and valuable. So we decided to ask some of the best builders in the hobby to share their skills and ideas with you. They will hopefully help to inspire and improve your skill sets so when you get home, you can build a better, more scale rig. Not only are they gonna speak to you, they are going to be around for you to meet and ask questions in a face to face setting. Learn from the best in person.

Here is a list of our AWESOME presenters and their topic for discussion.

"Imthatguy" Matt Kett
Styrene body building

Blake Livelsburger
Metal Body Building

Andy Lowry

Tim Samuels
Chassis Building

Anthony Rivas
Photography and Videography

"Helios RC"
Nick Chwalek
Battery Tech

"Exclusive RC"
Brian Almedia
3d Printing

"PitBull Tires" Desmond Mooney
Tire Tech

"Castle Creations"
Motor and ESC Tech

Chris Robinson
"DTClarke" Dana Clarke
Key Note Scale Hobby Direction


fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:27 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Hi folks,

I have had more than a couple people ask me about what is included in the price of the tickets. So I will try to address that here.

The single day driver ticket and full Expo trail pass include the same things. The only difference is if you want 1 day entry or the whole 2.5 day Expo. The following is included in these tickets.

All 7 scale crawler courses. Over 1,000 gates

Entry into the GCM Gallery

All presentations on the day of your purchased tickets

Admittance to the vendors area

Access to the Rally course except when "Hot Laps" are running

Admission to the Botanical Gardens

Participation in the Pic contest

Eligibility in giveaways

Access to 1:1 vehicle displays


Things that are NOT included and must be purchased separately...

The Night Run.... This is a super cool small group event that will definitely be worth your while. Super limited entry so get these quickly.
Also, if you wanna run with your buddies....buy your tickets in the same group.

Flat Lander Drags.... This is a competition with awesome prizes awarded to the winners. It will not be easy. All you have is your driving skill to rely on. You won't even need a truck......
We will have stock RTR trucks that will be the vehicle you drive during the drag AND they will be given to the winners at the end.

fla_cracker 06-01-2016 10:27 PM




















If you would like information on becoming a Vendor or Sponsor, please contact us at UltimateScaleTruckExpo@yahoo.com


wireman- 06-01-2016 10:30 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
This should be the best event of the year.

LoneRanger 06-02-2016 05:29 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Pretty sure this is a Deffinate DO NOT MISS EVENT!

I'll be there for sure, too many guys to meet and builds to see to not go!


fla_cracker 06-02-2016 11:47 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017

fla_cracker 06-03-2016 07:43 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017

fla_cracker 06-16-2016 05:15 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Hey everybody,

Great News!!!! JConcepts is sponsoring and running the Rally "Hot Laps" for us at USTE. How awesome is that!!!! They will have some awesome prizes for the fastest times. The best part is.....All you have to do is bring your rally car and have the fastest lap times.

JConcepts is a local, homegrown company that really listens to the consumer. Their products are awesome and affordable. Take the time to go check them out!!!!

JConcepts | IFMAR World Champions



fla_cracker 06-17-2016 08:16 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017

More great news!!!

RC4WD is now the official sponsor of our....

"RC4WD 6x6 Trials Challenge Course"

RC4WD is the leader in scale accessories. They are also one of the biggest promoters of our hobby. If you don't know who they are.....wake up and swing by their website to drool at the scale awesomeness!



fla_cracker 06-17-2016 08:45 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
How awesome.....

GCM, one of the best builders in the scale industry will be sponsoring the Gallery show!!!!

Time to put that extra effort in and make that scale rig shine. Especially if you wanna win in this competition. Go by and check out their bullet proof products. You won't be sorry!!!

GCM Webstore Canada International - About Us


fla_cracker 06-18-2016 09:45 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Video added

Bogncrawl 06-18-2016 09:50 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Just seen this, definitely going to be a epic tiny truck adventure.

fla_cracker 06-20-2016 05:49 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
We would love to welcome BeefTubes to our event as a Sponsor.

BeefTubes is one of the OG manufacturers of preformance parts for your rig. They are well know for their passion and commitment to the Scale hobby. There is no better way to add performance to your scale rig than by adding some BeefTubes products.



fla_cracker 06-20-2016 05:59 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017

Originally Posted by Bogncrawl (Post 5521211)
Just seen this, definitely going to be a epic tiny truck adventure.

Yes sir,

We are trying to give everyone a large, fun and different kind of event.

fla_cracker 07-01-2016 07:50 PM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Here at Ultimate Scale Truck Expo, we love Rally too.....



fla_cracker 07-11-2016 05:15 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Total awesomeness!!!!

One of the best home grown custom fabricators Scalerfab has joined Expo as a sponsor.

Troy and Casey work super hard to deliver the best products and service out there. If you've ever wondered what Tough looks like....go check out ScalerFab.



Hemlock 07-18-2016 11:31 AM

Re: Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2017
Can we get some details on the Online best Pic contest plz?

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