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Thread: GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

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Question GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

Welcome to the twenty sixth Scale Endurance from Golden State RC Crawlers (GSRCC). The Scale Endurance is a scale realistic experience promoting teamwork, adventure, and fun! See the rules below for more information.


Drivers Meeting: 09:00am
Start: Immediately after

Folsom Lake, Beals Point
7806 Folsom Auburn Rd,
Folsom, CA 95630
(38.7193, -121.1679 )

Other Information:
Parking is $12.00 per vehicle. Pay at the entrance or self pay if no attendant. Please remember to pay the $12.00 parking fee to avoid a parking citation.

For more directions:
Copy and past GPS coordinates 38.7193, -121.1679 into Google maps.

Terrain notes:
  • Granite rock
  • Gravel

$12.00 parking fee

100 gates

Event Sponsors:


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Default Re: GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

Scale Endurance Format
  1. Similar to the SORCCA format accept the point system is positive instead of negative.
  2. This is the only known format that caters to both competitive and non- competitive participants.
  3. Non competitive participants can enjoy the Scale Endurance and keep track of thier own score on the provided score cards or simply note “Fun Run” on the cards. These cards are turned in and used as a headcount for the event. The event coordinator will list the participant name in order of ranking.
  4. Every participant is responsible for their own score cards. Any mistakes made by the participants may result in a lower score or an automatic “FunRun”. The event coordinator is not responsible for scoring errors.
  5. Arguments with the event coordinator regarding score will result in an automatic “FunRun”.
  6. Competative participants must first compete in the 10 gate SORCCA course that will be timed (6 minutes) and will be judged according to SORCCA rules. The scores will be retained by the judge on a separate master sheet and the judge will write your score for you on your score card and initial.
  7. Competative participants must complete the SORCCA course first before continuing on to the Scale Empndurance course. Competative points will not be considered if the Scale Endurance Course is not completed.
  8. Competative participants will be listed separately from the other FunRun participants or self scoring participants.
  9. Trophies or awards will be done once a year typically or every 12 events. A championship will be held. Participants can only be between those that have participated in the SORCCA courses. The top 12 SORCCA participants from each event will be asked to compete in the Championship.
  10. A participant can only be first place once per year.
  11. A participant can only be the Scale Endurance Champion once every two years.
  12. Cheaters caught cheating shall wear an “I cheated” sign placed around their neck for the entire next Scale Endurance.
  13. Keyboard commandos shall wear a “Keyboard commando” sign placed around their neck for the entire next Scale Endurance.
  14. Complainers shall wear pasifier around their neck for the entire next Scale Endurance. All hazing for bad behavior is all in fun and done in accordance with mutual respect. All shall participate to show no bad feelings toward anyone.

Scale Endurance Rules:
  1. 1.9 Scale (class1 and class 2) and Wraith. Must have rail chassis and drive shaft (no motor on axle). Any vehicle tha does not meet scale class requirements shall note "not scale 0 pts" on card and will not place or qualify for award. An out-of-class vehicle may still participate for fun. However, the out-of-class vehicle may not compete for points or award. Points awarded shall be 0 regardless if finished.
  2. No vehicle touch (Advance forward penalty and winch penalty excluded).
  3. No roll (Winch recovery penalty and vehicle assist permitted).
  4. No touch repo (Advance forward excluded).
  5. No judges winch.
  6. DNF = value of last gate progressed (must indicate last gate progressed on card).
  7. DNS = 0.
  8. Battery changes and repairs done on course and on time.
  9. Point system (highest points win). Every driver starts with 400 points to complete 120 gates with no time limit. Gates are moderate to hard (some gates may require a winch or recovery vehicle). Team work is encouraged and rewarded. Drivers start five at a time at the start gate. Drivers must work together to prevent bottle necking and stoppage at each gate.
  10. No reverse penalties.
  11. Advance forward penalties are -50. An advance forward is used when a gate cannot be progressed by a winch penalty or vehicle assist. On an advance forward the driver may pick up his vehicle and place the back tires just past the gate plane of the gates that could not be progressed. A -50 point penalty is assessed.
  12. Gate penalties are -10 points. SORCCA rules.
  13. Winch penalties are -2 points. SORCCA rules
  14. Winch and recovery assist award is +2 points (no penalties for assisting vehicles during recovery, effective 08/29/2015, 10 points max for assists).
  15. 100% scale points. SORCCA rules.
  16. Drivers are required to keep track of their own score and turn them in at the finish.
  17. The scale endurance is not a series event.
  18. The GSRCC Scale Endurance is a free event. However, donations are appreciated. Donations pay for the food,drinks, and other amenities for the next Scale Endurance. Please help keep the Scale Endurance a fun and free event through your generous donations.
  19. Last and most important. Have fun! The Scale Endurance format is about having fun and promoting teamwork.
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Default Re: GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

Sure would like to be there for a fun run, but got out of town family for Xmas on the 15th. For sure on your next event. Brian.
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Arrow Re: GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

Golden State RC Crawlers (GSRCC) Scale Endurance 26 scores!

90 total participants

74 fun runners
16 competitors

Competition results:
(SORCCA score) [GSRCC Scores]

1.) Gixxer (-14) [+454]
2.) Chris Woolley (+4) [+436]
3.) Dan W. (+7) [+433]
4.) Troy Fleming (+8 ) [+432]
5.) Michael Colston (+13) [+427]
6.) Danny Valine (+19) [+421]
7.) Chino (+24) [+416]
8.) Nabil Jamali (+24) [+416]
9.) Austin Jones (+26) [+414]
10.) Hollywood (+26) [+414]
11.) Jerry/JT (+26) [+414]
12.) Jason Moreland (+26) [+414]
13.) Jonboyauto (+28 ) [+412]
14.) Harry Ross (+30) [+410]
15.) Cory Frank (+30) [+410]
16.) James S (+34) [+406]
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Default Re: GSRCC Scale Endurance #26

Photobucket changed their policy. As a result I no longer post pictures in this site. For pictures, videos, comments, and future event dates, please visit the Golden State RC Crawlers (GSRCC) Facebook Group Page.
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