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hemeraracing 02-07-2020 11:46 AM

Competition for UTV in 2021
Hi everyone,

We are a team of 9 mechanical engineering students from Quebec, Canda and we want to participate to a rock crawling competition. We want to add a 4WS and to control the ride height of a Can-am Maverick Sport.

We wanted to participate to KOTH2021 next year, but the desert part was too important in the race and we didn't have a chance to win with the speed of the Maverick Sport. So we are looking for a competition where we can highlight the modifications of the vehicule. We are new in the rock crawling community, so there is probably a perfect competition for us that we never heard about. We are willing to go anywhere in the US or in Canada.

Thank you

bbeck006 02-07-2020 12:36 PM

Re: Competition for UTV in 2021
Is this for full size vehicles, or RC vehicles?

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hemeraracing 02-09-2020 03:18 PM

Re: Competition for UTV in 2021
Full-size, is this a forum for radio-controlled only? If so, I'm sorry. But if you know any competitions for full size UTV rock crawlers, it would be AWESOME!

Thank you

rockhugger 02-09-2020 07:40 PM

Re: Competition for UTV in 2021
This is all RC vehicles. Good luck with your project

sumquak 02-13-2020 06:24 AM

Re: Competition for UTV in 2021
look into Norcal Rock Racing. they race utv's.

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