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Thread: A message about Ottsix Scale Tires...

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Default A message about Ottsix Scale Tires...

Please know this first, Ottsix brand scale tires are designed with extra rubber reinforcement added to the sidewalls and tread to compensate for the stock foam included with their tires. Crawler Innovations does NOT recommend this design of tire because it does not allow for foam tuning. If the rubber is thick, how can the tire be soft and supple to conform to the terrain? All of the scale tires offered by Ottsix cannot be considered a "sticky" tire because each tire has added rubber support. The only tire offered by Ottsix with no reinforcement is the VooDoo pin tire, which is the best competition rc rock crawling tire currently available. Pitbull Tires are a better performing scale tire that work properly with the Crawler Innovations foam system.

In laymen terms, the softest tire possible, combined with the correct foam for your set up, will yield the best results. I do not use Ottsix scale tires for this reason personally. If you do use Ottsix scale tires, I recommend stepping down in foam size below their listed tire height. Since the Ottsix scale tire will already hold itself up from all of their rubber, a smaller inner with more outer is the best way to allow the tire to conform.
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Default Re: A message about Ottsix Scale Tires...

The CFX steel driveshafts look like they'd be perfect for a project I'm working on but I need to know if it's designed for 4mm or 5mm shafts https://testmyspeed.onl/.

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Default Re: A message about Ottsix Scale Tires...

Necro post...

..but yeah, I am not of fan of my ottsix tires for this reason. I ended up running a CI foam for a 4.19 tire in my 4.75 Ottsix tire to compensate for the sidewall stiffness. Tires have not been run much. I donít like them either
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Default Re: A message about Ottsix Scale Tires...

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