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Nova's Ark 08-14-2019 03:50 PM

#deuceswildfoams *DUAL STAGE OUTERS**Multi Use**Dlux Fab Rims; 1:55 Outer; CWR-3211
This is the standard outer for our Deuce's Wild Dual Stage Foams P/N; CWR-3205, for the 1.9 *XL* Tires. These outers are cut from our standard gray closed cell material and are 100% water proof.

These foams are designed for use with Dlux Fab Loaded Dice rims for competition rc rock crawlers.

The CWR-3211 part number is similar to a our 6.0 Double Deuce inner in height.

These outers can be combined with the Lil Nova 1.55" inners (CWR-2001,2002,2003) to fill the added height of large 1.55 scale rc tires.
This pair of outer foams do not fold over under load, whether it's high speed, heavy weight, or simply turning. These outers can be trimmed with scissors or dremel with sanding drum to reduce the width or modify the shape.

Approximate size: 4.125" Height x 1.50" Width (Remember that foam goes inside the tire and one must subtract lug and carcass thickness, plus any reinforcing from the overall tire height.)



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