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Thread: $60 CC build

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Default $60 CC build

I just got a CC for $60 RTR. should have it in a week.
Ive owned a few SCX10s, couple ax10s, rs10 and 2 different 1/8 MOA crawlers.

Money is VERY tight this year, and I currently have not crawler rigs. Traded my last one (cc01) for a stampede vxl.

Anyway, I think I will try to build it into a semi-scale rig. Ive worked with moa's before and know its easy to change the wheel base.
Im not sure what body I will end up with...will depend on what I can find cheap on ebay.

I may use the stock tires....or I may buy some losi 1.9s (from the MRC)

I will likely junk the stock chassis and build my own.

I don't plan on keeping rear steer. I also don't plan on using the ESC unit. I cant understand why DTX thought a duel motor esc made since. A traxxas xl5 will power those 2 motors with ease. And since I will build my own chassis...as standard 2s lipo will be used.

I can see how this rig is popular. I do feel the redcat RS10 is probly a better design with better electronics (especially once they changed to 2.4ghz radio) But since I found one for $60 shipped I couldn't pass is up.

Ive been doing some reading on here. seems like more build 1.9 or 2.2 comp rigs and crawlers out of them as opposed to scalers.

if anyone has a scale looking CC please post some pics and LMK what parts you used and if you made your own chassis. I will be posting pics and build info as things progress!
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Default Re: $60 CC build

I got my cliffy in the mail today.
sadly, both nimh packs are dead. must not have been charged in a long time.

so Im looking into single battery ESC options. Only thing I had on hand was a Tamiya ESC. I wired it up and it does work.
A question tho....how fast is a stock CC? Im just wondering if the stock setup gives 14v to each motor...or if each gets 7v. If each gets 7v then my single esc is doing the same.

I was surprised how stiff the tires are. The rear steering has a lot of slop, tho changing the linkage setup should fix. The total steering angle isn't much on each axle tho. Not sure if it is weak servos or if that is how it is supposed to be.

I also thought it would have more flex. compared to the redcat rs10 moa, it is kinda limited. Granted, the rs10 actually has too much flex, but alittle more would be expected from a rock crawler.

This build will likely end up costing more than I want...lol. Gonna probly replace the steering servo, links, chassis, buy a traxxas xl5 or maybe even spring for a outcry duel motor esc. On top of all that, a scaler body.
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Default Re: $60 CC build

I used a x-trail chassis from tcs crawlers, they cost like 30$. After that all you need is a ax10 skidplate (7$) and some chassis spacers. You can use bits from the stock chassis for that. Still a cheap project.
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Default Re: $60 CC build

Don't put 2.2 wheels and tires on it. Where in the US are you?
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