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Thread: What ESC to run with dual motor setup?

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Default What ESC to run with dual motor setup?

I have been running a Novak Super Duty ESC in my crawler since 2004. It finally took a poo on me and started to smoke last week. Now usually when a speed controller burns up it quits working or the truck just takes off. This one still works but heat sink gets stupid hot. So my guess is that the BEC burned up. I would send it in to get fixed but I don't know if they would fix as it has been added to the discontinued list.

I have been reading up on the M2 with lots of mixed reviews and really dont know what else is out there for dual motor setup.

Run clod axles with 65T motors.
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To start....go here.... http://www.teamnovak.com/cs/web_opti...x_tradein.html to see options for "up-trading" your ESC for a new/refurb one.
Next, what radio are you using and do you use/want a dig unit or proportional??

I was running a Futaba 3ch 3PM-x with a servo dig and a single ESC, recently switched to a WannAmix & dual ESC's (Castle Creations). I feel it is worthwhile to do the change.

The Novak M2's have had mixed reviews. Keep in mind people that are happy will tell a few others, people that are unhappy will tell the world.

I am a huge Novak fan, ever since they came out with the first FET ESC's.....a very long time ago. Never had an issue with any of them.
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X2 on the novak equipment, i'm getting ready to tackle my esc/motors soon, i'm gonna use a rooster withservo dig switches because of budget for now.
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I have read about their trade in program. But trading in a burnt up super rooster and a dually that is still new in the box I think I would come out ahead. Seems if I bought an M2 through eBay it would be cheaper in my opinion.
My current radio system that I use is the Airtronics M11. Use to be heavily into racing off road and 1/4 scale on-road and have all my backyard bashers and speed demons setup all on this one radio system.

For me using dual motors I can't run an actuall mechanical servo driven dig. ( well not to my knowledge.) Has to be electrically controlled.
Like the M2 features due to its an all in one package to me. I can controll power to each axle and lockout one motor if needed. I have read you can run 3s lipo but have to run external BEC.
I want to really get into crawling more than I currently am at now. I just like the larger rigs and don't wanna have to start over with a single motor shaft driven rig just yet.

When I learn how ill post a pic of my truck.
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the m2 works well if you only want it to have dig just dont hook it to novalink. the proportional part doesnt work well for most. you can use a servo dig, all the servo does is hit one of two micro switches that will short the motor its hooked to giving you dig for fr or rr
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the servo dig setup. When you say short the motor are you referring to running a wire from one side of can (+) to switch to other wire (-)? Or do you mean you have an open in one of the wires where the front or rear motor recieves no power to it. I know when you create a short across a circuit it usally gets hot quick and has the potential to burn it up.

Also are you running 2 or 3 cell on your M2? I have always ran a 2 cell on my setup. Reading that 3 will work but with a seperate BEC system.
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ok so novak has a legendary product trade in program.. I must have over looked that. Trade in a novak dually that I have new in box and get the M2 for 105 bux. Not bad. Going to see if burnt up Super Duty can be used for trade in or if how much it would cost for me to rebuild it. I really like my Super Duty ESC. This many years and so many run times and never had a problem with it.
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