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Thread: Castle / AE-2 Drag Brake and Brake Power

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Default Castle / AE-2 Drag Brake and Brake Power

I'm running a Wraith and with the 20t motor and the AE-2 it's a whole lot of fun. One thing I'd like to see is if the initial bite of the brakes can be tamed a little.

With the drag brake set to 100% and brake power set to 100% it stops great and crawls as well as the 20t will let it on 2s but when going fast and letting off the throttle it's a little too abrupt.

It's all together and I'm asking before I tear the thing apart to get to the plugs (it takes a bit of work to pull it apart just to program).

Anyway, if you keep the drag brake at 100% and reduce the braking power, does that essentially reduce the drag brake too? What I'm guessing is that the drag brake is a percent of whatever brake power you have set. So, if I have brake power set at 50% and drag brake at 100% I'm essentially getting 50% of my total brake power. If I keep brake power at 50% and drag brake is at 50% I'm essentially getting 25% of total braking power.

Is there any combination of settings where it will apply the brakes a little less aggressively but still hold at 100%?

Ideally I'd like neutral to be full 100% brakes, then slight forward would be brakes trailing off to 0 and then start going forward so trigger travel would be something like this:
100% Throttle - Neutral - Reverse
100%Forward 0%Forward 0%brake increasing to - 100% drag brake - reverse

So when you drive you can let off almost to neutral and start braking and still get into reverse right away.
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