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Major Clod 10-17-2017 05:16 PM

Tactic Tr325 3rd channel set failsafe position?

I'm running a servo winch via an old ae-2 ESC off a Tactic TR325 (TTX300 system) 3rd channel.

Everything is calibrated fine and working well. I've programmed the third channel to use 3 positions (forward, neutral, reverse)

However, the receivers failsafe 'neutral' position for the third channel is full reverse, as opposed to a middle setting. This is causing the ESC to enter full reverse if the TX is turned off.

I've confirmed this is a receiver issue by plugging a servo into the third channel. The servo goes between three positions as expected,but when the TX is switched off it turns full right (as opposed to centering like the steering channel does)

I couldn't find any documentation on customising the third channel failsafe position, so I'm going to assume it isn't possible. However, if anyone has experience otherwise please let me know.

daver18qc 01-29-2018 02:08 PM

Re: Tactic Tr325 3rd channel set failsafe position?
Don't know if i'm too late for you but i'm gonna post that for future guys needing that info :

To make the failsafe of the third channel to be the middle position when Tx is off, just put the 3rd channel to the middle position and re-bind the receiver. It will then remember that setting and will failsafe to all center on all channels.

-put 3rd chan to center
-power off receiver
-power on receiver while pushing the LINK button

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