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Thread: New transmitter shopping

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Default New transmitter shopping

Sorry in advance for the length. Kinda new to crawling but been running RC for a while now. I'v always just used the factory radio but I'd like to get a new, more programmable unit I can use with multiple vehicles. I have a heavily modified redcat E10 so I've been looking at the Flysky units. I like the FS-GT5 6ch but ONLY because I could use the 4 wheel steer option if I decide to add it. I don't do trail or scale so the other channels would be useless to me. That said, FS-GT5 or FS-GT3B? Or another radio I'm missing entirely.
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Default Re: New transmitter shopping

Ask yourself, have you ever thought about adding lights to any vehicles? Also ask, would I like to remotely turn those lights on/off? If you answered "yes" to either question, then you just uncovered another reason for having a Tx with more channels. Using my 2nd Capra as an example, it had 4WS (two steering servos), so, right off the bat, it's using 3 channels. I've also got 3 sets of lights - headlights, front-facing lightbar, & taillights - thus, that's another 3 channels. That's 6 channels in use.

If I had decided to set up my Mamba X ESC for it's dual rock crawling/rock racing mode, that would have required another channel...so, I would have needed all 7 channels that my Tx can support. When I decided to "get away" from RTR transmitters, one of the deciding factor in what Tx to get was "what do I foresee myself driving in the years to come. I didn't want to but a good, or even great, 3- or 4- channel Tx, and then have to upgrade a few years later...I wanted to think things out ahead, plan for the future, and get the best controller I could afford that also meet my future needs. While I spent more money up-front, I also know that, 10 years from now, when I look back on things, I'll have saved hundreds (or more) of dollars.

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Default Re: New transmitter shopping

I went the cheaper route
A hacked flysky gt3c
8 ch programmable.not the highest quality but I have had it for 8 years
Starting to have a few switch issues
But I may get another one they are pretty inexpensive so it hurts less when I drop it....lol

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Default Re: New transmitter shopping

I have a few rigs that run on their RTR transmitters [Slash, SC10, Arrma], and some that run on a MT4 [RC10B5 and RC4WD Gelande Cruiser]. I like the MT4 but will be spending winters in Oregon near an indoor track with regular racing. Those guys seem to use Futaba, which is fine with me. I don't mind getting Futaba receivers. And I think Panther is right on regarding looking at what you expect to do in the future. I likely will not only have indoor buggies but also MOA crawlers with lights. So the Futaba 7 series looks good to me. But my question is, what is the difference between the 7PX and 7PXR?

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Default Re: New transmitter shopping

Buy a transmitter with more channels than you think you will use now. You can always pair it with a two or three channel receiver to save money. But years down the road when you decide you need more channels the TX will already support them just pair it with a 6 or 8 channel receiver. I have a hacked GT3C and have no compaints.
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