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Sverref 01-17-2010 03:52 PM

are there any shopd in miami?
Going on holliday to Miami next friday.

And i Wonder if there are any Shops in that area that has tamiya kits (hilux and F350/tundra) or any shops that have Crawler items:)

i appreciate all the help i can get, since searching miami and shop did not give me alot of usefull answers :p

could a mod pls make the title shops in miami and not shopd :)

chicostaxxs007 01-17-2010 05:04 PM

find mini and he csn tell where 2 go

Sverref 01-18-2010 07:11 AM

who`s mini?

the nick at rcc or just a nickname? :p

Speedracer19 01-18-2010 08:10 AM

Mini lives in Miami, search some of the threads here in the Fla section & the name is his "handle". Send a PM to him & he can inform you of any shops.

Mini 01-19-2010 09:34 AM

Like I said on the PM I sent you crawler parts are really hard to come by just of were I live I can get anything I want just have to order it.
But in my LHS we have Tundra instock if your looking for on.
If you have a list of things get me part numbers and I can see if I can order it for you so when you get here friday they will be here.

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