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jeeptec 08-12-2019 04:18 PM

Chassis mount steering
Have Sawback Military (Jeep) I bought a chassis mount steering plate. Has anyone done this mod yet? If so what other parts that Iím going to need that is not in the plate kit. Iíve already put the steering linkage above the knuckle and the drag link is above the spring. That made a nice difference as no bore bashing the tie rod into the rocks first.

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M and M 08-14-2019 03:43 AM

Re: Chassis mount steering
Had mine on from the start..nothing special to fit. Had the crawlster ackerman kit on at first, at least I'm half certain that's what its called without looking it up again, and had trouble, well a little, setting up the steering linkage to stop bumpsteer. I switched to Gmade ackerman set up with "Last build" thread and no problems. Some servos may be a tight fit tho'.

RcPrintzcom 01-03-2020 06:18 PM

Re: Chassis mount steering
I 3D print is CMS for this sawback all you have to do is bolt in using the bolts from the body mount and all I did was reroute the steering bar through leaf spring so that it did not hit I didn't have to replace any part other than install the chassis mounthttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...32ae2a6636.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...6445a4f06a.jpg

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