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Thread: 1/18 Scorpion/Jeep info (tons of pics)

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Default 1/18 Scorpion/Jeep info (tons of pics)

Cost was $44.72 at Wal-Mart.

Here's the truck as it comes in the package...Ralph and Jr aren't included.

Pretty neat little truck so far. I've got the battery charging on the Trition at .8A so a performance will have to wait. In the meantime...pics and specs.

  • Selectable high/low on each axle
  • Front and rear diffs are locked
  • 6 cell AA 650mAh Ni-Cd battery with wall charger
  • Non-proportional throttle and steering (full left/right and full fwd/rev)
  • Four vehicles can operate at once thanks to selectable bands on radio and truck
  • Scale Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires are locked to the wheels, not glued
  • Friction shocks
  • 7.5" wheelbase
  • 7" track width
  • 3.5" x 1.25" Baja Claws
  • 1" clearance under axles
  • 2.5" clearance under chassis
  • 11" overall length
  • 7" overall width
  • 7.5" overall height
  • 2lbs, 6oz without battery 2lbs, 10oz RTR
  • Shocks measure 2.8" eye to eye
  • 112 degree approach angle
  • 120 degree departure angle

The Scorpion and controller.

Interior of body.

A bit of articulation. This is with the battery removed. If I cycle the suspension by hand I can get 4" of travel at one wheel with the other 3 on the ground. Without the battery the springs are too stiff to get that amount of flex.

Bottom of the rig is nice and smooth.

A shot of the rear. The sticker on the rollbar cracks me up.

Front axle...

...and the rear axle.

Suspension is kinda different. The axles pivot on a radius, and the blue arms handle up and down movement. Caster changes as the suspension cycles, but nothing that'll be a worry for a lil' crawler.

It's a matter of four screws to take the body off...

...and here's the bottom of the body, for all you guys with ideas.

The shocks measure 2.8" eye to eye. Some 3" Losi shocks might be a cool upgrade.

The wheels lock the scale Mickey Thompson Baja Claws in place.

I'm about to head outside to run the thing, battery peaked out at 653 mA while typing this up.

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Here's the guts of the thing. Should be pretty easy to swap in a standard micro ESC like a Spy if you wanted to go to hobby grade electronics.

I'll rip it apart and get into the axles and such later tonight.

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I put the RC Crawler sticker on it cause...well...everything crawls better with one!

The wheels are 1.5" in diameter

I used a body reamer to pop holes in the center caps of the wheels, then used a small phillips to remove the wheel.

The truck uses 1/4" drive hexes on the stub axles, which are plastic. The axle shafts are steel.

Here's the steering gear assembly. A motor drives these reduction gears. Pretty stout, especially for such a small truck.

The planetary gear reductions. The black peice between the two white gears in the top portion of the pic selects one of two ratios...just like the E-Maxx tranny. Can also see the steel axle shafts here. I think that's a 380/400 size motor.

The 650mAh, 7.2V battery and Tamiya connectors.
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