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Thread: Carbonfiber links ?

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Default Carbonfiber links ?

I tried a serch but no luck,Have any of you used the carbon fiber links?are they good or bad ?and whats good or bad about them ?Thanx Robert
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My advice, don't bother. 2 years ago I comped with carbon fiber links and DF'd that course. Wasn't able to finish the other courses at all.
Aluminum is cheap. You can buy stuff at ace hardware and tap the for 3mm or 4mm depending on what link ends you want.
Stainless and Titanium are worth the money from a vendor and will last you much longer.
you can also buy stainless tube and cut it ti the lengths you need and the run all thread rod through it with ends on both sides.
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cherry bomb
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fibre links will wear and start to fray, carbon fiber slivers are not very good for you too.
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My only experience with carbon fiber links is just using the carbon fiber for uppers links.

They work very well and if you are handy, they are really easy to make. They are light and strong and if you build them correctly, they will NOT fail.

I ran carbon fiber uppers on my comp rig for two years before i changed my setup to use bent upper links. If you can get away with not using bent upper links, I'd use carbon fiber any day!
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Default thanx

Thanx guys for the info .alum or ti it is i have alum now but want some new ones.
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i have used carbon fiber uppers and delrin lowers....worked great...and they dont flex like delrin
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