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Thread: Buy or not buy?

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Default Buy or not buy?

Would this be a good starter crawler? And is it possible for me to put a better looking truck body on it like a ford raptor?
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Shop around for an Axial (check out their web site for a rig that fits your driving style)...it's going to cost more but they're well worth it. And yes, you can make any body fit any chassis as long as the scale is correct.
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i have one of the stones it is a good starter rig for the money!

that said it is no axial. but a lot of the parts change out very easy and if you love to mess with and change stuff around like i do. then stone will not be stock for long just like most axial's you get

first thing is the tires white dot rovers made a huge difference
then start changing the links around to help fight the TT it has

if you don't want to drop a lot of cash then this is the ticket for you just don't expect it to be comp ready for ya

and get rid of the stick pack and go lipo you will never look back
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x2! Get a Axial, you will be much happier than with a Redcat, exceed, integy, etc. WAAAAY more parts available, & easier to get
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I would love to have a more expensive rig but its not in the cards right now. I want a solid crawler that I can start on that doesn't look lame with a better body on it. As for changing out parts thats definitely what I'm into. I wish it was cheaper to build one from chassis up but I'll live for now.
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The suspension on this crawler is way different than i've seen...is this a problem when it comes to putting a fuller body on it?
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My 2 cents

You are better off waiting till you can afford something better
You will throw your money away and then have to spend more money
making it better with upgrades.........

Ask your self a couple of simple questions like:
Are there upgrades available at my LHS?
Are many other ppl running this rig?
Is it dependable out of the box?

My opinion......
Search the "For Sale" section of this forum
and buy someones already modded AXIAL for half the price

Best of luck

Regards V8
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