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Thread: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

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Default RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

Which one is the best platform for slow rock crawling ? I am trying to get an idea on how they compare in terms of CG height, width, transmission, potential for mods and other factors relevant to rock crawling. Can anyone share some thought pls ?
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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

For straight up rock crawling, the Capra will take the cake every time. Thereís a reason they call it the goat.
All the other rigs are 2.2ís bomber is meant to be a rock racer, the wraith is kind of in its own class. Itís bot really scale itís not a basher. It does decent on the rocks with some mods. The rbx10 8is supposed to be like a rock bouncer, way too much power to slow crawl with and torque twist like a mother.
Maybe some background of your terrain will help

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

Originally Posted by Fricker08 View Post
The rbx10 is supposed to be like a rock bouncer, way too much power to slow crawl with and torque twist like a mother.
Once mine is finished being built, I'm going to be testing something that should help minimize the torque twist...and, it might even eliminate it. Technically, it's a combination of two things others have tried, both of which, individually, helped minimalize the twist.

First, I'm be using the sway bar...and, no, NOT the one included in the kit - I've got the Vitavon sway bar, which is stronger AND stiffer than the Axial sway bar. Second, the rear-left shock has a sightly higher viscosity oil compared to the rear-right shock. The fronts will be running 25wt, the rear-right will be running 32.5wt, and the rear-left will be running approx 37.5wt. I'm just hoping I got the rear-right vs rear-left correct...and, if not, switching sides is a super-quick fix.

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

the wraith is moddeled after a full sized rig they were trail buggies and the first rigs to run the king of the hammers so since the wraith was one of the original hammers rigs it is a rock racer too and it was marketed as a rock racer and it is vary scale compaired to the full sized wraith

the homber is modled after the randy slawson bomber chassie a old but proven ultra4 design he won what 3 or 4 times in that buggie it was designed to go fast and crawl rocks

the capra is modled after a moon buggie comp rock crawler thats why its the goat everything about it is a rock crawler

the rift is a rock bouncer made to go real fast up the side of the hill then crash lol basicly the same as a wraith or a bomber just different set up and way more power but like the wraith and the bomber the suspention can be tuned to go fast or crawl of rock race or bounce

most axial rigs are scaled down versions of real rigs including the tube buggies they are extremely scale and a vary good crawler if you set them up right i think the yeti is the only tube buggie 5hat dosent have a real full sizes counterpart uness you count the score model but i dont think that realy counts

the biggest down side to the tube buggies is brakadge the.big 2.2. wheels are hard on everything and require alot of exspensive upgrades
im asuming the capra and rift are the same but i dont have a capra or a.rift so im just guessin

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

I can only speak for the Capra, Wraith and Bomber.

If you throw a good brushless ESC/motor combo into it, it does not do terrible. A brushed system that isn't high turn and geared way low will fry due to the Wraith's higher gear ratio; wheel speed with it setup like this is an oxymoron. The only way to run this rig for crawling is drooped.

The Bomber is a bit better than the Wraith, but more or less, in the same class. The native gear ratio is lower, so you can get away with a lower turn brushed motor, and have it geared so you have a bit of wheel speed. Still, a good brushless system is the way to go. The Bomber is a bit more stable on the rocks, but to get it to perform at all, you have to run internal springs and half-droop to get it to side hill with any consistency.

This is the best non-MOA crawler I have driven. It is planted, stable, and a rig you have to try to upset on the rocks. I don't know how a brushed system would do in it, I have only ran the Mamba-X.

With this, all three of these rigs are annoying to work on. The Wraith and Bomber require you to disassemble the chassis from the frame to get to most of the electronics. The Capra is a bit better, providing a bit more access, but still not as easy as the Element Gatekeeper. The tradeoff is the Capra out-crawls the Gatekeeper by a wide margin.

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

i have both a Capra and a Ryft. The Capra is a crawler on 1.9 wheels. slipper clutch and locked differentials. Ryft is a 2.2 “rock bouncer" and is fast and built to handle terrain at speed, has limited slip differentials and crazy torque twist. The kit version of the Ryft comes with a single locker (although the rig has three differentials) and a rear sway bar (is very effective at minimizing torque twist, but does not eliminate it). Although they look like similar rigs, Capra goes slow and clings to obstacles, where as the Ryft uses speed to launch itself up and over obstacles.

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

I have a 2.2 wraith and compared to my scale crawlers it sucks at crawling and more technical stuff. My Wraith is basically unmodified other than electronics, my crawlers are ore purpose built. It is big and seems off balance. I have seen the Capra and Wraiths at comps and they just don't do well.

BUT the Wraiths and Capras I have seen are usually newer people with less experience and basically stock compared to people with more experience and more modified crawlers so maybe not a fair comparison. I bieleive because of the "chassis" they would all have to be Class 3 if going my SORCCA rules.

BUT I have never seen anybody ever modify them for comp, there may be a reason?

BUT on the trail and playing around my Wraith is allot of fun. Not really good at any other thing but a lot of fun at everything.

From what I have seen none would be my choice for a comp crawler build. As as trailing and as an RTR they maybe. I am not much of a trail person and I have to take everything apart and remake it anyway.

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Default Re: RBX10 vs Capra vs Wraith vs Bomber - which for rock crawling ?

To be clear, I have not driven a Wraith or Bomber.

I have run with them and I have not been too impressed. I used to beat up on them with my little Twin Hammers or my stockish Scx10II's...

I have a Ryft, and it is very clearly not a Crawler.

I have driven my friends Capra and it works good but not as well as my lightly modified Trail King. Part is due to driver, he is very new, but I have taken the tx and it just does not climb like my TK. Granted my Tk is setup for class 2 comp, but it has a hardbody and very few modifications... The Capra seems too tall/tippy, yet has no belly clearance for break over. Its just wierd.

Trai King is the Orange Hilux, (suprise) with 2 Trx4's with a green Capra

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