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1BadJeepBruiser 06-07-2006 03:03 PM

Scale Crawler GUIDELINES
I felt this needed to be addressed as the "scale" area of RC is kind of a gray area for some...I developed the guidelines along with the help, support, and opinions of the other MODS. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines stated here please PM me or another MOD.
Thank you
RCC Staff

  1. A proportion used in determining the dimensional relationship of a representation to that which it represents: a world map with a scale of 1:4,560,000.
  2. Proper proportion: a house that seemed out of scale with its surroundings
This is what "Scale" is defined as in the dictionary, its not to far off from what we need as a guideline here. Scale trucks should be a clear representation of a full size rig but IS TYPICALLY BUT NOT LIMITED TO 1/10 /1/12 scale. In order to establish what consitutes a scale rig, I have developed these few guidelines. PLEASE read through these before you post the build up for your truck. If you have any questions please PM me or another MOD.

1) A Scale vehicle must use a scale body. It can either be a hard body (Ie Bruiser,clod etc) or a Polycarbonate body. This means it should be something you can see everyday or on the trail/rocks.Bodies should be cut out how they were intended to be cut out. Removing some more wheel well room is acceptable to allow for tire clearance as well as bobbing beds or performing dove tails. Tubers that resemble real rock buggies or other rigs are acceptable as well.

2) Wheel bases should be to scale, meaning the wheels/tires should be under the wheel wells and should not be raked out forward. scale wheel bases are usually around 11.5 to 12.5 inches for the most part. In reference to wheel base is also vehicle width. Most of us like to use wheel wideners of some sort to help with stability. That is fine, BUT when you have the wheels sticking out 1.5 a half from the fender wells that is not very "scale".

3)Chassis/Frames. I think this is the biggest "gray" area in the "scale" crawler area. Typically ladder framed or tube framed. Some say only ladder frame/tube frames should be allowed. I agree with this to a certain extent BUT I have scene some people do really nice jobs building cages off of a regular chassis. SOOO If you do not have some sort of a ladder framed chassis, the truck body and other details have to make up for it. THIS DOESNT MEAN THAT COMP CHASISS ARENT ALLOWED, THEY ARE ALLOWED BUT The body should be heavily detailed and should sit lower on the chassis, have scale tires, and accessories in order to make up the less "scale" chassis.

4) Axles, should be "scale". Example being but not limited to TLT axles, Bruiser axles and when the new High Lift comes out those will be great as well. There are also some german made trial truck axles out there, those are "scale" too. Axles that are for the most part NOT VERY SCALE are clod axles, emaxx axles, twin force axles, NYLINTS as whole etc...Although Juggernaut/TXT axles resemble military rock well axles, they are GENERALLY really to wide for scale rig BUT if you build a chassis and body in proportion to the axles then that is fine.

5) Nylints are NOT SCALE, SORRY Nylint guys. While they use semi scale hard bodies the axles and chassis are NOT SCALE in any shape of form. Nylints should not be posted in the forum.

6)MINI/SSMTs . I have noticed alot of mini builds lately...just because its mini doesnt mean its scale! Just because you are building some kind of SSMT doesnt mean its scale either. It takes ALOT to build a "scale" Mini, THIS DOESNT MEAN THEY ARENT ALLOWED, THEY ARE BUT keep in mind the "scale" factor.

A) This goes for large scale rigs as well IE 1/6 scale

7)Accesories. Having parts such as, but not limited too : Lights, tube/cage work, tube bumpers, winches, shovels, axes, water cans, fire extinguishers, roof racks, attennas, mirrors, wiper blades etc is a great way to make your rig more "scale" HOWEVER if you have a "stick" clod buster with a high lift jack on it that doesnt mean you have a scale truck...it means you have a scale accessory.

8 ) Keep in mind that this forum is for TECH info and build ups, use the search button and ask your questions in the correct forums

9) EVERYONE these ARE NOT RULES, BUT GUIDELINES, I am not trying to discourage any build. I am just simply laying down a simple overview for scale builds.I think Jason said it best in this statement

Originally Posted by jason
To me scale means if I have to look twice to see that it is radio controlled it might just be a scaler

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