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Thread: Axial and threadlock

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Default Axial and threadlock

One thing that have been puzzeling me, is Axial and there use of threadlock...or lack of it.

Bougth a slightly used Yeti, and got home and plugged in the battery to test it a short run, and the run was certainly short. less than 3 min passed before wierd cogging sounds came from it, and the truck stopped running.

After inspection it was a set screw on the drive axle under the motor who backed out and hit the motor, thus locking up the whole drivetrain.

Surely Axial know there is a thing called threadlock! they keep reminding us of it on every kit manual. So why tha f*** dont they use it when they build trucks themself???

On new trucks I usually go over it myself to check such things, but this was second hand and had been run before so I figured it was done by previous owner, but no.

Anyway, when it comes RTR it shoud not be nesesarry to compleatly tear down your truck, espesially from a company like Axial who has so many kits, and keep mentioning the importance of threadlock in every instruction manual they publish.

If they gonna continue with this practice, dont sell the truck as RTR! sell them as partly assembled or only kit.
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