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YoUnG_vErSiOn 12-26-2011 12:40 PM

Aloha Gang!!
FYI- Anyone who is waiting for a reply from John Robb Holmes or Holmes Hobbies please be patient, i know that this can be frustrating at times but with the influx of huge holiday sales and Being the #1 electronics supplier for RCRC. They are slammed, but gang i promise you that Holmes Hobbies can and will take care of EVERYONES individual needs, one by one. If you guys have any technical assistance, free free to shoot me a pm. i may very well be able to help you with that. As for sales and service, well you are use gonna have to be patient. Ill try my best to forward any concerns and questions that you might have for Holmes Hobbies. Thanks for your continued support for the best in Motors and RC Electronics!!

Holmes Hobbies Team Driver

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