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Thread: Ssd parts

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Angry Ssd parts

I can understand that HPI has been having trouble for the past few years. With HRP becoming the new distributor and HPI under new ownership, I'm hoping they make a comeback and regain the top of RC.

Since HPI went under, parts have been hard to get regardless of what model you own. I decided to browse amain(the place where I buy everything) for the SSD knuckles for the HPI venture (don't currently own one) and they were out of stock. I then decided to go to the SSD website and under products, there is no HPI venture. I basically just assumed they didn't make parts for it anymore. Do u guys know the answer?

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Default Re: Ssd parts

I know they stopped making parts for the SCX10, wouldn't surprise me if they stopped making HPI parts too

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Default Re: Ssd parts

Once the supply of the Ventures ran out, and the fact that they didn't really catch on like the axial's and others, they slowly just stopped making parts for them. Unfortunately it seems like it wont be coming back either. Even some of the STRC parts are getting low in quantity now.
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Default Re: Ssd parts

It's really too bad the Venture never caught on, I still think it's a far superior platform when compared to 10.2, or TRX4.

But, even the best product can't pull a company out of hole that management keeps digging deeper. Better management and marketing could have serisouly changed to course of events for the Venture.

As for SSD, I don't know. But I have noticed you can often find aluminum hubs and knuckles on AliExpress.
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Default Re: Ssd parts

According to the latest dealer product sheet, the Venture brass knuckles are discontinued but the c-hubs are still available. Now if any dealers have actually ordered SSD Venture products lately is a whole other issue.
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Default Re: Ssd parts

I feel the need to mention that the ssd c-hubs did not properly fit my venture. Very loose fitment onto the housing and something is off between the relationship between the kingpin bores and the inner bearing as there was lots of binding at anything other than straight ahead. I found the Hot Racing c-hubs to be a perfect fit.

Also found the strc rear lockouts to be so loose on the housing they'd be a downgrade from the stock plastic lockouts.

There may not be much after market support for the venture, but at least it doesn't need much help.
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