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Thread: I want to clear something up

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Default I want to clear something up

I am not now, nor have I ever been the "Leader" of any RC group or club. I volunteered to insure events where placed on a calendar that I developed, I designated an office (Event coordinator) and started developing some rough outline rules by which events would be scheduled. I did this on a temporary basis to help get the development of a club moving forward. That was last year.

Since then that group of members who were heading up this Club formation movement have either been pulled away from the group or lost interest. That is fine, that is life. This is a hobby, a hobby is a luxury and should be considered alternate to personal responsibilities.

I have tried to continue to ensure events are scheduled, and to form a monthly event with the intention of keeping the group, as it is, trailing. There are no obligations; none on my part and none on yours. If you wish to attend, you may. If you wish to attend another event, you may. I have not done the best at keeping events scheduled. While I apologize for this, I feel no obligation to "make it right", I do what I can. I do not make promises as I can't not ensure they are kept. This is a hobby for me, nothing more. I don't actively pursue competitions nor do i desire to host any. I do this for enjoyment and relaxation, a comp does not provide that for me.

There is no "Club" for RC rock crawling in Central KS that I am a member of. MKRCRC is a group, the name comes from a previous group who started the process of forming a club, that fell through. Our group adopted it when we began the process of forming a club, that too fell through. Currently i am the most active member of the last group who tried to form a club, and my participation is going to become scarce. I hope to participate more next year, I hope to get my children more involved, I make no promise of this.

Again, for me, this is a hobby. I build what I like, I run what I like, I follow no rules or guidelines. I am here to have fun, when I can be. I make no other excuses and I don't think this requires any further discussion.
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Default Re: I want to clear something up

This post of yours says it all very eloquently. This is a hobby, and lifes demands do pull or push everyone of us. Some more than the other. I totally respect this post, and the sentiment it makes clearly. In the coming months, Im sure we will all have a push or pull of our very own. Sometimes minor, and others more of a major dealing. Thank you for posting this up, and sharing your views and feelings on this. Its appreciated very much.
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Default Re: I want to clear something up

I agree 100% with everything you said!

Life and it's changes happen fast, too fast to let a hobby control your every waking moment... where's the fun in that? I've been away for a while for personal reasons and I haven't been posting for fear that I was the only one that felt this way

your message is clear, to the point, and very refreshing to see!
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Default Re: I want to clear something up

Well my stress levels are beginning to subside.
A few of you know that finances for us had gotten pretty bad, a few also know that my new job was not going as desired and I was struggling with a few people i work with. This all built up and the wife and I were at our wits ends trying to come up with some solutions.

What you all don't know is that this was looking like it was going to result in a move and change in jobs. We first looked locally but the job market was sparse in IT, when I say sparse i mean none existent. So we hit the ground hard and spent three weeks in July sending out resumes, refining our resumes, sending them out again, refine, send, and so on focusing on the KC area. Not my first choice, I preferred to stay in Central KS, in fact i prefer not to move at all. After 3 weeks the only responses we got where from what appeared to be bait and switch recruiters. I did not get a single call back, only emails and the calls my wife got were for jobs she never applied for. This added to the stress level even more and that was about the time I snapped on here, I apologize for that. So we started to look local again and we both applied for a few jobs, we got pretty much the same run around as we did in KC. More stress, more uncertainty, and I started looking to see what i could sell.

I still have not gotten a single call back, there is just nothing here and what is here are companies wanting contract workers. I have no desire to work contract IT, I want a full time job, period. My wife gave up on IT and started applying for basically anything full time and 9 bucks and hour. I gave up my search and started to look at how to make things better at Bradbury, todate i have not found an answer but being passive aggressive is helping the stress level. The wife finally got a break, her 4 years of IT experience and associates degree has landed her a full time gig at the Nextech store in Lindsborg selling cell phones......at this point it is whatever. It's in town, a full time job, and pays a whole $9.30 an hour. It will help, even with paying for daycare it will bring a positive flow into the house. We got some bills paid off, a couple of tires on the truck, I sold the project bike and bought the parts I need to fix the heater in the truck; with that I am starting to breath a little easier.

I did not sell any RC stuff, that was a last resort and it looks like i was able to hold out long enough. I am pretty sure i will make the September 7th event, but from here on I am just going to be a participant. a few people have stepped up and I like the direction things are moving, I should have stepped away sooner but oh well. If anyone wants the information for the calendar let me know and I will get that for you.
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