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Thread: Update on Turkey Creek and some thoughts

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Default Update on Turkey Creek and some thoughts

I finally had an opportunity to sit down with dad over the weekend and we looked at if this was going to be possible this year. In short, no.

There is just to much going on right now for either of us to dedicate the time and energy needed for this. It is certainly something we have a desire to do, but we need better planning and this fall does not offer that for many reasons, all good reasons. As I have said before, RC takes a back seat.

So we are going to re-organize, focus on building/finish building some rigs, iron out issues with current rigs, and look at a spring event again, this time with a scheduled rain date.

I had a bit of a blow up on here a few weeks ago but I stand by it. I just can't focus on this right, don't worry all is good, just trying to make it better. And things are looking up!

Kanopolis was a great spot and I certainly want to get back out there more, I would like to do a camp and crawl there too. There is still an offer of a designated area but it is not something I can or want to take on. And I know the group is not ready nor is there enough organization to take this on.

Similar to the Kanopolis deal, there is some obligation to Coronado I feel like an organized group should take on, but again we are just not there. With that said, if any individuals wish to help I urge you to. For those interested or not sure what I am talking about, check this out.
Smoky Valley Historical Association, Lindsborg, KS

I know I said I am not a leader, I try not to be. It comes natural to me and I tend interject myself in situations that lead to leadership. In the past I have had bad experiences with enthusiasm from people involved but a complete lack of support (not in RC, it was another thing completely). So I say I don't want to lead but then I post things like this, it is just me trying keep interest going.
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Default Re: Update on Turkey Creek and some thoughts

Im glad to hear your thinking and finding some answers for yourself. Thars a good thing. I think as for leadership, there is enough of us that we should make a kind of multi-person leadership if we even need it. Then its not just one person straining on things going on. Just a thought and idea, so no worries if it offends somebody.

A spring event would probably be better suited anyways. There shouldnt be any issues with that I'd think anyways. We've got three spots around the Lindsborg/Salina area to trail and crawl at. We should really think of a rotation on which spot we trail from time to time. Also we should try doing social events and comps on Saturdays as well. Talking to some of the people this last social, it seems that Saturdays would seem to be a good idea to at least try ever so often. Thats all, just my personal thought and view in trying to find time for people to make a trailing session.

Again this is all a thought and shouldnt slam anyone or upset the rest of this group. We should be able to discuss things, and come to arranging times and dates easier. Its really a group effort, not just one guy or gal. So lets get ideas rolling. We should get people involved more.

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