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Thread: Hollow stub axles???

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Default Hollow stub axles???

I was running my TF with my brother-in-law and his Emaxx when I came up behind him and bumped him with a front tire. To my surprise, that front tire was left behind. The axle nut and end of the axle was still in the wheel and it looked as if...the axle was hollow?! Picked up the truck and sure 'nuff...the stub axle is hollow till right after the pin!!
Why did Kyosho make stub axles hollow? Lighter weight? Is it worth it for the decreased strength? Not in my book.

So I ordered two more from LHS just to get running again. Does anybody know of after market stub axles for the TF that are solid?

Has anybody else had any problems with these braking?

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I believe the axle is hollow and threaded for a set screw to hold the axle pin in place? You can use Savage Stubs with no modification necessary.

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WOW, I woulda never figured they'd be hollow. I may be wrong,just going from memory here,seems like if you look at the cup side of the stub they seem to be solid and I'm pretty sure they are solid from the outside inward. I dunno,maybe they are solid and your perticular one had a imperfection,kinda odd though. I've beat mine pretty hard with Kongs spinning on them and never broke one,knock on wood.

Thats good to know that Savage stubs will fit directly,thanks for the tip. Do the Savage stubs take the same size cross pin?
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Took the axle out and here is what I found...

I just dont understand why you would make a hollow shaft like that. I think if the boss didnt send the Great Plains order yet I will change from Kyosho to HPI shafts just for peace of mind. I cant believe you guys running kongs havent broken any yet. After I get replacements I'm going to try and duplicate my moves and see if I can break the others.

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I was in the middle of a race at the Monster Jam in Braidenville PA in January, and someone clipped my front right tire and sheared the wheel off just like it happened to yours. I thought it was weird that the stubs were hollow also. Who knows why they did that. Someone needs to send a letter to Kyosho to have them upgrade the part and make it solid. These trucks have more than enough power to turn 4 solid stub axles.....WHAT WERE THEY THINKIN. Now I just keep lots of extras so I don't have to miss any races.

It's a good idea to swith to Savage Stubs though. I may do that once all my Kyosho replacements are gone.

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Well, making hollow axles isn't anything new. It is lighter, which means less rotational inertia. Is it enough to make a difference? Maybe. How often do you guys break these?

Also; think of it like this, if I have a 1.5" axle and I put a .5" hole in it for lightening, I've only removed the strength of a .5" rod. That being said, I think thats a bit extreme
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