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Thread: Cons of 1/6 scale?

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Default Cons of 1/6 scale?

I was thinking about getting a TRX-4 and fitting a Jeep body on it, but lately... I've been watching a bunch of 1/6 Willys videos and am thinking about building one of those instead.

Are there any cons of doing a 1/6 build over like a 1/9 or 1/10 scale build?
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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

It all really depends on how u buildem... I advise makem light as possble! When i built my sons hummer i got way to carried away and in the end it was 13lbs of "the rhino" he called it lol. Turns out the metal axles i bought, the screws were a stronger compound the the housings and just wore the holes bigger????? Seriously no joke lmao... These rigs can be a blast but on the trails i find your trying harder to find bigger objects to climb over or whatever it is that you wanna do. I have a buddy of mine with a willys he loves it. Crazy build on it too

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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

Other than the body, you'll need to fab your own frame and suspension. Axle width and shocks can sometimes be a little troublesome too. Due to there size and weight, most parts need to be pretty strong. There are some really good tutorials for building a Willys jeep. Also, there are some awesome truck builds that are actually 1/7 or 1/8 (Raptors) scale but are listed as 1/6 scale. I think the Willys is the only true 1/6, along with some of the other military vehicles.
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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

the only downnside is the body is so big it will limit you somewhat other than that your just running a large scaler im building a nylint jeep myself right now and i have several 1/6 and 1/8 scale scalers there so much more fun than 1/10 scale
and like homeboy sead your trying harder lines but i wouldent worry about weight mine are in the 10-20lb range and it just makes them perform more realisticly just watch the big falls
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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

Body supply is slowly drying up. They weigh a lot more than 1/10. Custom parts/work/chassis required. Durable and wide axles needed. Motor to power them often has to be large.
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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

Downsides to the 1/6 Jerps that I've built- none. They are just different. They take imagination and and some fab skills and some tools to put together. Lots of tinkering but they've been around long enough and documented enough times that just about anyone could cobble one together and have fun with it.

It will never climb or side-hill like a Honcho / Wraith. They're heavy, my orange one weighed 13lbs the last time I had it on a scale. I'm still using a 35T brushed HH Torque master, it's fine for me and the way that I play with the Jerp. I know a few guys who run sensored brushless and they have good slow speed capability and can blip the throttle and get all 4 tires to throw dirt 20' into the air.

I honestly enjoy my orange Jerp over anything else that I've owned/built. It's almost like 4wheeling a full size rig, except when you break it on the trail you can carry it back to the car.
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Default Re: Cons of 1/6 scale?

The 1/6 Willy's Jeeps are awesome. Built on 2.2 tires they can crawl over a lot of stuff the little 1/10th scale trucks will get hung up on. The Willys have the full interior, seats, detailed dashboard and huge scale factor with all that. Plus it's easy to add a customized driver for more realism. The Hasbro body is super DURABLE, probably the strongest body you will ever find in scale crawlers.

The 1/6 Willy's is like an Axial Wraith on scale hormones.

Keep the weight down low on the axles and they are very capable scale rigs.
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