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Thread: Scx6 and a promodler 2685oz servo

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Default Scx6 and a Promodeler 2685oz servo

Had my first failure, stock servo gears on the main shaft let go. I have probably 110-130 miles on it (I walk every day and take a rc with me) the gears didn't have full engagement on it, but they are made of brass so they will never last long.

Picked up a Promodeler 1/5 scale servo for it that has 2685oz of torque on 4s. Think its a 2-4cell capable. I have gotten promodler servos in the past and have lasted me for years without failure, and with hardened
steel gears seemed like a good choice for the scx6.

This was not a bolt in servo as the holes didn't quite line-up. Ordered a 1 1/2"servo horn with it. The original may have fit with some light tapping with a hammer but it was really tight and didn't seem to fit right. The servo is longer then the original and had to machine the servo arm down to give the panhard bar clearance. The servo arm from Promodeler was only tapped for 3mm so I had to drill and tap for a 4mm hole. Lastly I had to cut away some of the fake motor cover because the servo was too big. Not a impossible task to get in there, but I spent 4 hours on a servo swap.
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Default Re: Scx6 and a promodler 2685oz servo

Looks great man!!!

Let us know how it works out.
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Default Re: Scx6 and a promodler 2685oz servo

That servo looks like a monster!

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Default Re: Scx6 and a promodler 2685oz servo

Thanks for the shoutout, Cory, greatly appreciated.

In addition to the DS2685 (size-for-size like a Hitec 1100WP), we have three physically smaller midi class servos (all basically what Asian imports refer to as a 1/5th). These are the DS1735BLDP, DS1885BLDP, and DS2180BLDP.

FWIW, our product range (from smallest to largest) begins at sub-micro (what's used with an SCX24), then micro, mini, standard (like for a TRX6), midi (these) and mega (much larger and unavailable to civilian consumers).

In common with other servos in our lineup, these are water resistant and reinforced with case hardpoints (where the steel gear shafts fit into the aluminum case). Like the DS1885BLDP, the DS1735 and DS2180 have steel like the DS2685 plus ball bearings. Their entire purpose is to keep the gear shafts from wallowing out the aluminum case (due to impact) else the round bores quickly become egg-shape, which lets gear mesh go to heck (with predictable results).

And eyeball this DS1735 internal for an idea of what this means (with bronze color highlight to draw attention to what we're speaking of - both the hardpoints and the bearings).

Anyway, with respect to breaking the code for our part numbers, it's easy and actually means something . . .
  • DS = Digital Servo
  • xxxx = torque rating (in oz-in so for the 2685, it's about 190Kg-cm)
  • BL = Brushless Motor
  • DP = Direct Power
. . . to this last, these four servos are direct power because stall current on the order of 15A would smoke commercial receivers. So there are both a standard DuPont connector (the regular little 3-pin black that goes to the receiver) and an XT30 (yellow), which is rated at 30A.

Major point being, keeping control and power separate is smart for the same reason a player keeps his wife and girlfriend from knowing about each other because it keep all Hell from breaking loose, capice?

Anyway, like all our servos, these meet three MIL-STDS and are built with MIL-SPEC components. Our one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship does not mean they're unbreakable (we're not stupid) but in general, they're built as well as we know how and they offer good honest service.

Anyway, here are links to our midi-class servos . . .. . . and also note, the DS1885 is expressly made for the Traxxas X-Maxx but fits others, like Losi DBXL-E 2.0 with the addition of optional beam mounts. - but - this one won't go into an SCX6 because of the belly in the case.

Finally, apeaking of which (and unlike the DS2685), both the DS1735 and the DS2180 fit without modifying the engine cover.

Last thing, because I mentioned the SCX24 (and by way of heads up) if you love these micro crawlers like we do, you may appreciate knowing our DS125CLHV sub-micro has the lead exiting the case from beneath instead of the side, which allows for a more trick installation on the axle. Note this servo uses four bolts for mounting so it won't rock side-to-side and sports the same 25T spline as a standard servo making horn selection easier.

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