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Thread: 20 Minute Test Drive on the Losi Mini-Rock Crawler

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Default 20 Minute Test Drive on the Losi Mini-Rock Crawler

One word: Amazing! It can go through places that you've never imagined. This is my second Losi truck, the first one being the 1/18 Ramunition. I'm loving this rock crawler now! The torque and the drag brake is amazing. It can virtual climb walls with those power and tires. I just bought it today from my local hobby shop and I'm running on a 1600mAh Ni-MH battery and I've been playing for more than 20 minutes already and it's still going strong with the battery.

Put it to the test:

This rock crawler can go places that my brushless powered Ramunition can't go. Tried it in my front yard, don't know how to describe the settings but very difficult. My Ramunition got stuck right at the beginning where my rock crawler went through easily. If you look closely on how the truck conquer these obstacles, it's just cool-like a scorpion crawling!

One thing that I want to emphasize on is the drag brake. For example, when you are climbing something at an angle and you let go of the thrust, it would stay there just like that you are holding the break and it's not going to go backwards. This feature is very nice and important to have when crawling rocks.

Went to my local hobby store and this gentleman(another hobbyist) came in and heard that I'm asking about the rock crawler. He came over immediately and said how fun and nice this crawler is. He told me about all the mods that he made. He was talking to me for about 10 minutes and it was all positive comments on the truck.. So I decided to buy it.


For me it is perfect in size, I can play it almost anywhere. You can always find a place to crawl. Unlike those bigger scale crawler, you will have to find a harder obstacle for them and it's a little hard to find in the area where I live. Also the flexibility of this vehicle is amazing, you can virtual twist the whole body.


I'm still new to the rock crawling field but I think these tires are amazing, excellent grip to go almost anywhere. Also, correct me if wrong, the rims are made out of aluminum.


I bought it off my local hobby shop for $269 after taxes(13% here in Ontario), It's $100 more expensive than a stock Losi Ramunition but it's worth the money. Everything is fine tuned right out of box. Of course, you can always upgrade or mod the truck to archive even greater crawling ability.

Fun Factor:

You will get a lot of fun out of this crawler, you can craw indoor and outdoor. For example,set up a obstacle course in your basement and start to have fun! It's not fast but it's a rock crawler, speed is not a concern here. Trust, after 10 minutes on the crawler, I'm hooked. I have not touched my Ramunition for 4 days now, I'm just waiting for my parts to come in.


I haven't had time to examine the parts yet but I can see a lot of metal components, which is good. However, I've read a couple magazine reviews regarding the durability of this truck and all of them were excellent ratings.

The only problem I'm having right now is where can I find rocks so I can build my own obstacle in my backyard. I've thought about going to the beach and pick some rocks up.

I strongly recommend people who are interested in rock crawling or just starting to rock crawl get this truck, you will be impressed. These comments are solely based on my 20 minutes test drive on this vehicle and I'm new to this rock crawling field too.

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