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Thread: Size/pitch of motor mount screws

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Default Size/pitch of motor mount screws

I have a MRC pro roller and I just picked up a losi insane 370 motor for it. My problem is I don't know what size/pitch the screws that mount the motor to the plate are. My old motor has screws, but they aren't the right size (chewed up threads) so I want to get the correct ones so I don't screw up this motor.

Also, in doing research, everyone says they had to drill the motor plate to mount this motor, but looking at the motor, there are 2 sets of holes, and one of the sets of holes matches the existing motor screws.

Anyone know what's up?
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Default Re: Size/pitch of motor mount screws

So I answered my own questions no thanks to any of you

Motor has 2 sets of screw holes. The larger diameter pattern has 3mm threads. The smaller diameter pattern (which fits the stock MRC pro motor plate) uses 2.5mm screws.

I did have to make a spacer, because the shaft on the new motor is shorter than the stock motor. Because it's shorter, you can't run the pinion grub screw out, so you have to flip it to grub screw in. When you flip it, the gear mesh is about 3/16" off, hence the spacer needed.

I made a spacer out of some 3/16" aluminum. I drilled 2 holes about 1/8" diameter 9/16" apart, then marked the center between those two holes. I then used a 1-1/9" hole saw, put the pilot on my centered hole, and cut. This left me with a piece of aluminum about 1" diameter with the 2 motor mount holes, and the pilot bit in the hole saw is just larger than the front bearing on the motor can, so the plate just dropped in from there. Took me 15 minutes taking my time.
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