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Thread: Mst ifs?

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Default Mst ifs?

Hi everyone. Im new to this forum. Im Christian and Im from Germany. Recently I came across a Land Rover Discovery 3 body from Rastar on ebay and I could not resist. It has a nice interior, opening doors and hood and whatnot.
Ive been told it would fit an MST CFX with basically just extending the links to suit that 290mm wheelbase. So that is probably the "easy" route then. But I would like to add some extras to the rig ... namely 2 speed transmission and front IFS.
So can I somehow get a 2 speed for the CFX? Probably via a transfercase?
And does anybody know of a front suspension assembly that could go on the CFX? I saw a post here by someone who took a HPI RS4 front assembly and put it into an SCX. But since the SCX is just too wide for my purpose (max. 195mm-200mm width including tires) I was wondering if this could be done to an CFX with other parts.
I havent been into this hobby long enough to have that kind of knowledge about all different chassis and parts like many of you here seem to have.


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Default Re: Mst ifs?

So Changing the wheelbase should be easy. As for 2 speed you might be able to get an rc4wd R3 2 speed transmission to fit. I never seen it done on an mst but I have seen one fit into scx frame rails. See link for transmission.

Or you could get the rc4wd downshift transfer case. See second link. I have never seen one used in a build.


As for IFS you need to find something that has a gear ratio that is similar to the mst gear ratio. You might be able to use the front end off of a cc01 or a traxxas 1/16 summit or a rally car or a JD model desert runner hero or maybe a twin hammers. This will take some research, because of you don't get the gearing correct the car will behave weirdly. You really don't want the front end geared much lower than the rear, however if you find a slightly higher geared front that will probably work fine.

If you really need IFS you should look a cc01 but you will never get a 2 speed into a cc01.
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Default Re: Mst ifs?

No I dont really need IFS, but thought it would be more realistic for a Land Rover Disco. This is not going to be a crawling machine. But it should be more capable than a CC-01 though. And because the IFS rigs are still rare where I live ;)

I cant go the SCX with IFS road as the body width is just short of 200mm. I really liked the idea of using a HPI front end, but the width is still too wide for me. It could probably be solved by finding just the right rims with enough negative offset. But that could be an expensive journey with a dead end.
Another option is using a BRX-01 chassis which would give me at least 2 speed. But Im a little worried that it would force me to cut too much out of the interior.
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Default Re: Mst ifs?

the only way you can (easily) do IFS under 200mm width is with a CC01. you can always make the wheelbase longer with longer rear links. (maybe a driveshaft to be safe)

associated/element just released an IFS kit that will bolt to the SCX10II with only a few 3D printed adapters they offer. but even that will most likely be wider than 200mm once you add the tires.
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Default Re: Mst ifs?

Land Rover Disco has not only ifs, also irs
You may consider traxxas 1/16 rally suspension and diff parts
185 width with stock tires, will be close to 200mm with crawler tires
Heard 1/16 traxxas diffs are pretty strong, will be ok for trail rig

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Default Re: Mst ifs?

2 speed T-case should work with some mods to the center skid. Just watch the driveshaft angles, there's not much wiggle room there.

You would have to design an IFS from scratch pretty much. CFX rear axle has a 2.4:1 ratio if it helps - the front should match or be slightly higher. HPI front end uses anywhere from 3.3:1 to 2.57:1 depending on internals, so that's pretty much out. Still though, a shaft driven touring car might be your best bet - hack off the front and graft it on.

Not sure on what the goal here is frankly... if it's just a trail truck and not a crawling machine, the CC is very capable with the right mods. The MST is a better pure performer than the CC due to the solid axle design. Going to all the trouble to fab up an IFS for the CFX would pretty much drop it down to CC01 level with far more work to get there imo.

Then again, I've built tons of projects that made no sense.
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