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fuzzy1 12-02-2017 07:24 PM

Fuzzy's WPL B-1
Picked one of these up from Banggood on a special for $28.99 w/free shipping

Arrived yesterday and to my surprise I ordered a kit without knowing.

The kit comes with a servo instead of the motor driven steering

not included are RX, ESC, or battery. Oh well who doesn't have these lying around?

Packed the box and some tools and brought it with to the in-laws so I had something to keep me occupied.

some components are pre-assembled like the trans/motor and drop in. Axles just need the housings screwed together overall there are not a ton of parts to this truck.

Axles Assembled

Chassis assembled contemplating flipping the links to somewhat mitigate the horrendous driveshaft angles but decided to assemble as the manual states and deal with that down the road.

Everything together except bolting on the cab, here is where I realized there is no way to secure the servo and I have no shoe goo or double sided tape with me *facepalm*


And all done!
Drove it around the living room a little but with the servo just flopping it only turns one way decently. Overall pretty impressed with what you can get for >$30


fuzzy1 12-24-2017 02:33 PM

Re: Fuzzy's WPL B-1
Decided to take the little guy out in the snow

First time actually running it outside

Definitely lacking in the torque factor but still has enough to make parts come apart (see below)

Luckily it was just them separating and nothing actually broke.


fuzzy1 01-07-2018 06:28 PM

Re: Fuzzy's WPL B-1
Threw 1/2 oz. of weight into each one of the toolboxes to see if that'll help it crawl better.

Also put some heatshrink around the driveshaft yokes and dripped some CA glue into where they connect to the output on the trans, the knurling let loose after I let the nephew drive it


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