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Thread: 6x6 Question and Answer

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Default 6x6 Question and Answer

Ok, I'm getting ready to break the seal on the 6x6 build, and I have some questions I hope some of you seasoned multiple axle build guys can answer. Main questions involve the rear two axles, for obvious reason. I have done a ton of research and I see where the torque affects the second axle quite differently than it does the third. I will be adding beef tubes to both, but I'm wondering several things.

1. I noticed the axle lift in the second axle back significantly more than in the third, I will assume this is due in part to torque twist, but does the middle axle take more abuse than the third does? Like all things being equal, will I break something in it before the last, or is it a crap shoot?

2. What is the best way to combat this axle lift? I have several different material beef tubes ranging from the aluminum to steel, so i'm wondering if I need to add the heaviest to the second axle and only the aluminum for strength to the rear? Do you guys run different spring/fluid weights across your back 4 shocks?

3. In general, lets say I have some vanquish strength parts, enough to do the front axle and one of the two rear axles and I really don't want to spend more money out of pocket on this budget scrap parts build, which of the two axles will see the most benefit from say truss, stronger shafts, link mounts.

I plan to add more as I go, I know I'll have some. I'm starting with the CBE RC Fab 6x6 chassis. I had ordered it before I was able to contact Fish, which is unfortunate, and I may end up swapping eventually anyhow, but time will tell. I just like the integrated shock towers in Fish design better, that 149 rc worx chassis is pure sex. Looking at doing a Hauk designesque steam punk type truck, but plow instead of tow. The wife wanted a plow truck and what better way to use a bunch of 2.2 stuff I didn't have any use for anyhow. It'll roll on 6 of the 5.4 OG 2.2 TSLs from proline, non XL. All on aluminum beadlocks with spyderlock rings. Full size spare. Bed. blah blah. but this is for questions, I'll do a thread for the build later once it's on the bench.
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Default Re: 6x6 Question and Answer

As for question #1 IMO the second axle would be receiving the most abuse. The power comes and goes to the third axle, through it. I am interested in the 6x6, however you have valid concerns, and similar thoughts as I do. Hope that helped. ninety eight more cents and you can get a cup of coffee at mcd's
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Default Re: 6x6 Question and Answer

Curious on this as well. Still building my 6x6 right now and noticed quite a bit of torque twist on the middle axle when it get bound up. Everyone I asked said they had no middle axles lift or twist... I ended up adding a VP Antirock sway bar to the middle axle for now. I need to change the shock oil and possibly the springs but was going to do all that once I finished the body and bed.

Iím running a stainless steel Brazin HiLo chassis.

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Default Re: 6x6 Question and Answer

Come on multi axle builders, give us some knowledge
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Default Re: 6x6 Question and Answer

It's been a while since I built a 6x6 using the Reign RC K2-6 chassis. I don't remember ever having any middle axle twist or lifting, even when that axle was floating in the air.

One thing that I took great care to do was to make sure that both pinion gear shafts were perpendicular to the ground, as much as possible, throughout the suspension cycle.
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Default Re: 6x6 Question and Answer

The middle axle will have more wear simply because it has both an input and output gear. Note that this is really only gear wear, not extra wear on the housing, mounts, lockouts, etc. (though the middle driveshaft does load up quite a lot)

I never really noticed any extra axle twist/lift on my 6x6. This was probably because I ran super stiff springs on the middle, as I found that stiff middle springs worked to take weight off the rear tires and reduce how much the truck pushed through steering.
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