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Thread: GSRCRC 2008 Season: Comp 1

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Default GSRCRC 2008 Season: Comp 1

This will be our first comp of the 2008 season as an official USRCCA club.

The comp will be held @ Garret Mountain in West Patterson New Jersey .

Sunday 8 am April 6th 2008

Rain date will be the following Sunday . Which is the 13th.

Start time is 8am and the first trucks through the start gates will be at 9am or earlier.

If you have pre-registered for the season then you are just in need to get tech'd.

If your paying per class @ the comp its $7.00 for the first class and $5.00 for the second . Non refundable unless leaving early .

Basically the day will go :

1.) Arrive .

2.) Get Tech'd.

3.) Get your raffle tickets ( $1.00 a piece) .

4.) Pay Money.

5.) Go to corrisponding course ( to be determined by running order ) .

6.) Drive the courses - (3) Supers and (3) 2.2 .

7.) Pull the raffle ticket.

8.) Give out trophies .

9.) Go home .

We will be running 3 courses at once at this comp for the first time .

Each course will be ran by 1 judge . So to make things run smooth , stay with the course your directed to and stay there .

The comp will begin , for time please bring food and drinks cause there are no where to get them there.

After the comp the raffle will be called. Winner takes half the pot and club gets other half . Winner will also receive the "bigger half" of the pot if at an odd amount.

Then trophies will be given out .

EDIT Ok one of our elustrious mods have read my mind and found what I wanted to do about the running order.

SO this is all you have to do.

Post up if your definatly coming.

Thats it.

Then at a pre determned time I will close registering and that oder will be done by RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. The order will then be posted the night before or you will get your number at the comp. Maybe if needed I will PM everyones running order. If you do not like this option then don't bother coming , cause you will never be happy. I have tried everything then.

I asked other clubs and most of them say its ran in the order you either get your truck tech'd or register.

VISIT GSRCRC.COM for more details.

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do you guys have a 1.9 scale class?
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Not at the moment. But we will be discussing either a 1.9 or a 14r class. We will be running "scale comps" so you can just enter that and it will be all goooooood.
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