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Thread: 4cRc2 meeting notes

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Oliver Custom Knives
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Default 4cRc2 meeting notes

We had a meeting yesterday at the comp and elected some officers for the club. This will help me out a ton.
All positions were voted upon by the people that showed up.
President and Competition Director - Dwane Oliver
Vice President / Treasurer, Co-Competition Director - Cody Waldroup (4ruggy)
Event Organizers - Shawn Yazzie(flyers) , Dereck Bowers(distribution) , Jud Livingston ( Dblduce ) (internet postings)
Website setup - Raven Wells ( meffie)

We also discussed the "alternate gate" points ruling .
If you make the alternate gate clean but dont finish the course , you DONT get points for the alternate gate.

Club dues will be $50 a year , starting in January 2010.
This will get you a club t-shirt , stickers and entry into all of the comps for the whole year. This will not include any Poker Runs or other fund raisers. You can get on the payment plan if you like.

2010 points series season
There will be a total of 10 comps in the series ,1 every 2 weeks, starting in January. The first couple will be at the "Great Wall O Carnage " then we will move outside. No drops . You must be in the pro class to qualify for the state finals.

Comp Days
The discussion came up later in the day about comps being on Saturday , and if we could do them on Sunday instead , due to work schedules. We all voted and everyone in attendance agreed on Sunday.
I would like EVERYONES opinion on this.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up yesterday. I'm sure we'll find a few pot holes in the road, but I see a bright future for 4cRc2. Its a great bunch of people that all have similar interests and goals. I look forward to the coming months and next year with a great bunch of guys.
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Pebble Pounder
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Well i just do not think that it is going to be any fun anymore now that i am vice pres./Sect. Now i actually have to use my so called skills. Damit. JK I would like to thank all who attended and say to those who didn't you missed out. We want everyone invloved this is a sport we all enjoy and love doing. Plus there are alot of great people to be around. Sunday will only work for me if it is after 12pm.
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I wanna be Dave
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Six of one, half dozen of the other. I know people that have kids in sports are normally tied up for part of the day on most Saturdays. You also have people doing church on Sundays. Then you have guys with shift work that might not ever be able to come. IMO split them up over both days. Maybe even throw in a few weekday events, you could do just a one course run down at RCR pretty quick and easy.
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Quarry Creeper
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anything but weekdays, plz. 6-1 1/2 the other.......
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Oliver Custom Knives
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I think we'll do alternating days. Next comp is on a Sunday the 18th , the next one will be Saturday the 31st and so on... Watch for the Pow-wow Cowboy to post it up
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Quarry Creeper
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Thumbs up Yo' DwaneO' I'd like to set up a payment plan 4 me.OK

Pm' me Hoss',...For I could start to send YOU my payment's as of the first of each month as that is my payday'. -{I'm surely Missing out on all the fun' ya' fella's a be having...Huh.}- And it's getting two fawking' cold for me & mine as of lately up here in Crawligan' as well - BrrRRrr' & GrrRRrr'. ~Scoot'er & Reb'~

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RCC Addict
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