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Thread: Advantage of Wheel Offsets?

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Question Advantage of Wheel Offsets?

What advantage do larger wheel offset have?

I'd think it would be better to have the wheel as close to the pivot point as possible, if not actually place the pivot point right over the center of the tread. As not to induce lateral movement but rather; just rotate the tire on its center axis [thus eliminating the "pivot radius"]...

Would it not make more since if manufactures made the axles longer and offsets less as to nest the knuckles within the wheels themselves?

My 1:1 car doesn't swing the tire across when I turn...

As I contemplate why the bully axles require wheels with such wide offsets...and how I'm going to accommodate them [ie. not rub the tire into my links and shocks].
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What your referring to is called scrub steer. A wider axle with more backspacing in the wheel does give you less scrub steer. That's one thing I like about Berg axles. You can have a 10 3/8" width and little scrub steer. You can get them even skinnier and have even less scrub steer. But,your steering is limited cause the tires start to get all up in your shocks and links when you turn.

Less scrub also puts less strain on your steering servo.

Wider overall width,IMHO,makes the suspension allot smoother....But,you can get to wide. I think around 10 3/8" overall is a good middle ground. Sidehills good but skinny enough to make it through gates easily. A little wider will also climb small vertical ledges at an angle easier as well.
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