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Thread: Cheap C-Hub Replacement

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Default Cheap C-Hub Replacement

Yes, I'm a noob and yes, I did a bit of a search so as not to step on anyones toes, and didn't find anything like my mod. Flame on if you feel the need.

So, after breaking my clod I had to come up with a way of fixing it permanently, and as I am not flash for cash, I cant buy the alloy axle tubes. Here is a link to some pics of the new C-Hub on the bench, and fitted.



This is for all those who have had the turn knuckle pivot points break.

Minimum tools required: Hacksaw, file or dremel, drill & drill bits.
Nice to haves: Drill press, micrometer/ vernier guage, cut off saw, hacksaw, dremel and a sturdy vice.

Materials required: 1 x piece of alloy 'C' section, OD-50mm, ID-44mm, Depth-min25mm.

Cut the 'C' section into 25mm wide segments

Remove the axle tubes from the diff, clean off the ends of the axle tube so it is flush at the output end.

The section in the attached pic 2 needs to be flush with the turn knuckle end of the axle tube, as it completely replaces this pivot point, see pic 1.

Ensure that you take all the measurements of hole positions and widths prior to cutting the ends off the axle tube.

Once the new c-hubs have been fitted, you may have to trim some of it with a dremel to increase the turning circle, this will be a test and tune thing and may take some time.

I don't know if this will work with stock clod turn knuckles.

Hope this helps someone.

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I wanna be Dave
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Why not just copy and paste it here?

I'm not joining that forum just to see what it says.
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Hopefully this will fix that issue, I am really new to this sort of thing and just found RCpics.
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Pics work and it looks pretty cool. How long have you been running it like this?
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I have been running like this for about 3 weeks, the only issue I am still working out isn a small loss of turning circle, but the dremel is sorting that out.
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