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Thread: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

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Default Looking for advice on crawler purchase

I was looking for some info or advise in the direction for the best crawler to buy for a pretty much first timer. Ive had a older Axial crawler few years ago that I bought from a 4WD buddy but have no idea about the electronics or what is better or best. I'm looking to buy one to start with and build from there. Id be more into the crawling and general playing in the yard. Ive seen the RTR Axial Wraiths and such but wondering if it would be best to buy a "kit" and upgrade some electronics right out of the box for a newbie or what would yall suggest for a first timer of what direction to go when buying? Thanks!
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Default Re: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

scx 10 rtr and upgrade when you break s@#$
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Default Re: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

Axial makes some good crawlers but they are a bit higher in price. Honestly if you are just messing around in the backyard, I would consider the Mad Torque from Nitrorcx. They are RTR, tons of fun, can take a beating, and are easier on the wallet - this is my 2 cents so please no flaming me
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Default Re: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

it really depends. if you can find a comp near by and go to it just to watch what they do. after you see the cars in action you may have a better idea of what you want to do with yours.

had the same questions a few weeks ago. ended up talking myself into the axial ridgecrest (slightly cheaper then the scx10's). great for everything I wanted it to do, running it in the backyard and at the campground. handled the leaves and sticks and boulders great. was really excited to own it till I stoped at a comp to see what happins there and seen the differences in "comp" class (which the ridgecrest is a pretty pour example of but is one) and "scale" class. now a good part of me wishes I got an scx10.

so try and find out of there any comps near you and check it out before you buy a new rig. one bug or another may bite you depending on what is comp'ed in your area.
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Default Re: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

I had the same question, decided against the Ridgecrest - felt it was a bit too packaged and plastic, considered a losi night crawler but I think they've stopped making them and I just wasn't sure , nearly went scale with a kit Axial Honcho but decided that way lies madness and ended up with a Redcat Rs10 XT because it comes with a 3 ch TX and rear steering (or consider it a spare servo), bead locks so you don't have to buy new wheels (or boil them) to replace the tires and few other reasons I thought it was right for me. Even comes with a 1800maH Nimh and a cheapo charger to get you going. Runs for about 20 to 25 mins on that. Some axial parts fit it and there is some aftermarket support but a lot of the stuff you can make yourself if that interests you.

Really happy with it. Inexpensive ($155 shipped , I paid more unfortunately ). You have to do a couple of fixes to make it reliable (see the forum on this BB RCCrawler Brand Specific Tech - Redcat RS10 at RCCrawler.com and this post in particular http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/redca...%2A%2A%2A.html) Think Redcat is good about honoring their 90day warranty although I haven't had to try it. They also have an electronics replacement program. Parts are available in the US from Redcat Home and various Redcat dealers. Apart from the things you have to fix, the only thing I've found wrong is one stripped grub screw in a wheel hex but that's all held in place by the wheel so it unimportant.

It's quite homely imo but you can easily change that. It may not be what you are looking for but worth considering if you just want something to bash about with and are unsure which way to go.
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Default Re: Looking for advice on crawler purchase

Get yourself a wraith, run it, when you get bored get a brushless system 3s capable.
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