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Thread: Looking for Rc Crawler building theory compilation(s)

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Default Looking for Rc Crawler building theory compilation(s)

I'm pretty much up to date with general offroad / shortcourse tuning & theory. I know the effects of camber,caster, shock angles, shock oil viscosity, shock pistons, differentials and oils, etcetera for a high speed offroad vehicle.

So now I'm entering RC Crawling territory, and suddenly the requirements / aims are a lot different. It's not about going fast, it's about going steady whatever the terrain.

For offroad / onroad, there are plenty of tuning guides available that explain the theory of why stuff works the way it does, and how to tune your vehicle.

(examples : R/C Car Handling - An Introduction To Vehicle Dynamics , RC Tuning Guide | CompetitionX )

Are there any tutorials / guides like that for crawling ?
Documents that for example describe (preferably with the proper physics) why certain configurations or angles of shocks work better for crawling, what the pro's and cons are of portal axles, etcetera ?

Ofcourse all this info is available on this forum spread over different threads, and I will eventually figure it out by myself - but if I can take a shortcut straight to the crawler specific theory that would save a lot of time
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Default Re: Looking for Rc Crawler building theory compilation(s)

There are some VERY informative threads on this forum, but I agree, finding them might be a bit challenging.

Here are a few that delve into good theory and should be helpful to you:

Anti Squat and Suspension Tech

Brushed motors:
Cutting a motor commutator & motor tweaks

RC Crawler Steering

Those are some good general purpose threads that will help. As for specifics, you'll probably want to decide what type of truck you would like to have, then focus your attention on that section of this forum. Most of these forums have a sticky thread at the top that has good general tuning and modification tips.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Looking for Rc Crawler building theory compilation(s)

a portion of the problem is that not everyone can agree as to what works and what doesnt, or why something works or doesnt.
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