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Thread: Axial scx 10

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Red face Axial scx 10

Hello, i am new to this rc stuff. I want to get a crawler. And, i guess axial scx 10 are the best one's. I want to buy a kit version because i want to choose the electronics. Im most likely getting a better looking body anyway so it doesn't matter if it has ugly body

But anyway, let's get to the point. Can you guys here help me which kit is the best? Which has the most updated/best parts, and i know that there is not much difference. I also need electronics, which are the best combonations? A car that would be waterproof would also be great, but i dont know if that would be expensive and stuff.

So yeah:

1. which kit is the best?
2: Need help with what electronics and stuff like that is the best / and also which lipo is the best for a crawler, 2s or 3s? Or 4s ? i dont know.

And btw. I am not going to buy a car now, since i dont have any money now. I dont have any money since i am going to build a gaming pc soon. But yeah , if a kit is too expensive with electronics and all that, i might get a rtr and upgrade it after some time. And also, i am 14 years old.

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Default Re: Axial scx 10

It sounds like money is tight. I would get a RTR and upgrade as funds allow.

I got the Deadbolt RTR and am very happy with it. It makes it over anything I've thrown at it in stock setup.

It sounds like most people run 2s or 3s. I find plenty of power on 2s. I may regear to slow it down.
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Default Re: Axial scx 10

I went with the deadbolt for my first crawler. It's a great truck out of the box and tons of upgrade parts out there for when you break stuff.
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Default Re: Axial scx 10

I had a similar issue when I decided to get back into rc. I ended up with a wraith kit, I had a fun couple nights building it and I can say it makes repairs easier because you already know how it all comes apart. I am now however going with an scx10 rtr. The added parts are nice spares to have around after you upgrade when your waiting on replacements of broken parts, and it's more affordable to buy things here and there while you have fun with it. Forget the gaming computer, you won't have time after you start this addiction! And fresh air is better for you
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Default Re: Axial scx 10

honestly i'd get the deadbolt. its the best bang for your buck. the one i bought was assembled well too.
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Default Re: Axial scx 10

Like everyone has said, the Deadbolt is the budget way to get into this game. I have been crawling for years now but have had more fun with my Cheapbolt than anyother rig. You can check it out in the sig below if you wish. I run mine on 3S but you might want to get a BEC before stepping up to 3S.
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