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cheech 01-21-2016 08:24 AM

redcat rockslide 10 tx and rx question
Hi everyone I am getting into the rc crawling hobby I am a newb so please take it easy on me lol I have been researching for the past month about which rc crawler/scaler I would like to go with within my price range (150-250 US dollars) and I'm about 90% sure I'm going with the redcat rockslide 10, I like the transmitter it comes with but would like to get a little bit of a nicer one, I've been looking at flysky radios and was wondering if I switch to one of those radios would I lose the 4 wheel steering modes that come on the original radio or do they have settings/modes for which I can use them on the new radios. I'm not exactly sure whigh one I am going with yet so is there a feature I should look for in a radio so I can use 4ws ? Sorry I am new to this and any help would be great. thank you in advance

jamesthe1v 01-21-2016 09:17 AM

Re: redcat rockslide 10 tx and rx question
i love the rs10 there alot of fun.(so much so i always have 2 or 3 new in box on hand in case a buddy wants one or i need parts) they do need some tinkering and tweaking out of box and you can cut tires and remmove foam but better tires are well worth it. the controllers work well but arent the most user friendly when adjustments are needed but with some patience there remotes will work well . if going to get flysky look on here losikid (overkill rc) has a big thread and sells the hacked gt3b and 3c .

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