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ChiefGunny 06-07-2020 12:55 AM

Usable Redcat Camo X4 upgrades.
I purchased the Redcat Camo X4 about a month ago and to my surprise it started breaking parts left and right. In the 1 month Ive driven it maybe 5 times and in those 5 times Ive broken 3 Chassis,3 rear differentials,1 rear differential cup,bent both front axles/dog bones and the front driveshaft fell out. So i went online to find upgrades to strengthen the weak parts. To my surprise i couldn't find anything. I'm looking for stronger front axles, stronger rear diff, stronger rear diff cups and a stronger chassis. I made a aluminum front skid plate to help with the chassis breaking and that seems to have fixed that issue. I was hoping someone would maybe know of some parts i could use from other cars/trucks to make it stronger. I could really use some help. Once Ive got all the issues fixed i plan to made a YT video detailing what things can be done to make the Camo X4 the car it should have been. Thank you.

meatmonkey 06-13-2020 04:31 PM

Re: Usable Redcat Camo X4 upgrades.
That's not a super popular platform, and as your discovering, so the aftermarket lacks support for it. Your kind of going to be the Guinea pig in this case. Keep us updated though as we like home made parts.

Jim85IROC 06-18-2020 07:49 AM

Re: Usable Redcat Camo X4 upgrades.
You're going to need to adapt parts designed for other vehicles. You can probably swap a full aftermarket rear axle assembly without issue. Anything for a Yeti or a Rock Rey should fit with minimal effort. You may be able to use Yeti axles in the Redcat housing, but you'll need to swap to an Axial locker too. If memory serves me, the inside of the Redcat rear axle uses a diff housing with outdrives and dogbone axles, which is kind of stupid, but I think the housing itself is the same as other HSP applications that still use a more conventional locker & axle assembly, so you should be able to use Yeti axles and an Axial differential in the Redcat axle.

For the front diff/axle setup, as mentioned, it may take some research and experimentation. Since this is an HSP-made vehicle, the front diff is likely a copy of something else, so if you can figure out what, you could probably get parts for that vehicle. For the CV axles, you'll need to find something with the same dimensions, but again, since that HSP IFS design is likely a copy of something else, once you figure it out, you shouldn't have a lot of trouble replacing them. Arms, caster blocks, etc, should be easily adaptable from something with similar dimensions also. I was able to fit HPI CV axles and Yeti arms on to a Hobby King Desert Fox. It's just a matter of measuring to see what can be adapted to fit.

bgredjeep 06-18-2020 03:36 PM

Re: Usable Redcat Camo X4 upgrades.
Either I got a good one, or I just don't drive hard enough (probably the latter). My Camo has been trouble free, but I've spent a bit of time tweaking and tuning to get it performing like I want. I also made a skid plate pretty much first thing, but I've mainly been trying to get it to handle better so I haven't really beat on it yet.

I started a Camo thread in the Redcat sub forum with the things I've done to mine so far. Feel free to add anything you get into in there as well so others can find all the info in the future.

Bobzilla9p0 09-02-2020 03:43 PM

Re: Usable Redcat Camo X4 upgrades.
the Redcat Camo's are a fully HSP sourced vehicle. The are sold as a Verdikt in other regions. There is also the VRX Octane XL, while not the same it is similar enough that you could use it's rear alumiminun axle which is supposed to use HSP diffs. I am going to use a rear axle from the new Redcat Wendigo with the new steel sleeves and aluminum truss. You can also get knock off all metal Axial AR60 wraith rear axles for $50 to $70 on eBay. I have a pair on my Force RC Hammerjaw a HSP truck that used the same axle housing as the rear of the Camo but the solid locker HSP #180009. For $14.99 on BangGood I got a VRX Octane chassi skid that I hope to modify it to protect my Camo X4 chassi tub. If that doesn't work I plan to pick up an 1/8 inch thick plate of aluminum and make my own full chassi skid. I love driving my Camo X4 but the front chassi nose is too weak where the front suspension mounts.

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