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ClockSoicy084 04-23-2021 12:13 PM

Noob Question big ESC small motor
Hello all! One of my first posts on this great forum. Just as the title says. I have a 1/18 Panda Hobby Tetra X1 whose motor is burnt out and possible the esc/ receiver combo.

Would I be able to slap a Hobbywing 1060 in there and attach it to the small non 540/550 motor in there?

I also would need to get a receiver as well. Would a 6ch flysky receiver work?

Thanks everyone

OnTheTrail 04-23-2021 12:31 PM

Re: Noob Question big ESC small motor
You should be fine with the 1060 on the smaller motor. You can almost always use a larger-than-needed ESC (Assuming you choose a battery that works with your motor.....i.e....no 6S on a 380 motor....LOL) but you can't go the other way.

As for the FlySky Rx, sure that will work too. As matter of fact I've got these exact combos (1060/Flysky) in two different "non-540" rigs as we speak.

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