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Thread: newbie here have questions on what to get

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Default newbie here have questions on what to get

I am going to be getting ax-10 for christmas and i am new to the rc world. Here is a list of things i am going to get just want to run it buy the fourm and see if these parts are worth buying or should i pick something else. also if they are compatable with each other. Also what else would i need like any small connectors are anything. I would like to run rear steer also. I want to keep it cheap but i am willing to spend money. I dont want to but stuff that is going to breake right away?

esc = novak goat Can i use this esc with a brushed or brushless motor. I dont Know witch one to buy yet. I have read a couple of post and i am leaning toward the brushed motor. I would like to be able to try both.

motor = novak 55t crawler brushed motor or the brushless one [not sure]

servo = hi tec 5645mg

battery = 8 cell 2/3a elite 1500 mah or Should i go with a 6 cell or 7 cell
Is an 8 cell going to give me more run time and more problems? I was going to put them on the axle. Could i run 8 cell on the rear axle and 8 cell on the front or would that be pointless and to heavely? Should i go with a lipo battery instead?

charger = super brain 960 or electrifly jr. Is there a better on i should get?

radio = traxxas tq3 or clod mod reciver utq3 Witch would be better for rear steer?
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The Goat or the Rooster will not handle an 8 cell pack. 7 cell max as per the Novak page.

8 cells only give you more wheel speed not longer run times. Run times come from the mAh rating. I run a 6 cell on the front axle, great weight and plenty of run time.

Motor: 55T is the best bet. Solid and tons of torque with good wheel speed.
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Looks like you are on the right track...

scorpion Ax10 REQUIRES!!!
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Old 12-15-2007, 09:03 AM   #4
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the more cells the more volts which is wheel speed.
the mah rating on the cells is run time.
1100mah will have a shorter run time than a 2200mah
But i have a friend running 1400's and he can climb for about 30 min on 1 pack
but he is running the goat and a 21.5 BL
I see alot of guys running the split 6 cell setup on the front axle.
it provides a good balance of power and keeps the cg low and forward.
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Old 12-15-2007, 10:36 AM   #5
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I would ditch the novak and go with the mamba max.
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get a mamba max instead of a goat. The mamba will handle 12 cells (3 lipo) whereas the goat will only handle 7 (2 lipo). The mamba has no motor limit, the goat will only handle a 27t brushed. The mamba is totally programmable...you can have it be the best crawler esc, then put it in a stadium truck and have it kick ass at that. The flexibility is second to none, and it's only 5 dollars more. Also, I have 2 novak escs, (a rooster crawler and a super sport) and they are both glitchy as hell, the MM is not at all glitchy. The only real benefit of the novak is the sensored capacity, but you said you were probably going to go brushed, so it doesn't matter.
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buy the strongest servo you can afford, trust me, having the truck point where you want it is the best way to have fun!
I currently have the novak brushed crawler speed control with an integy 55turn lathe motor and it doesnt glitch at all, I highly recommend it
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Rooster with 20$ lathe motor (55 Turn).115$ total and no glitch issues!
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You forgot a very important part...CHEROKEE body. Guess you will have to build one or see if you can find something....then again with your master fab. skills you wont have a problem

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