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Thread: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

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Default COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

[b]The Michigan MONSTERS of RC and COW RC brought the RCMTC-MI Season 2 Championship Final to the Germania Hall in Brownstown, MI on Saturday April 13th, 2013. We had a very exciting day planned for everyone in attendance and the day turned out awesome! 55 trucks in attendance at this round. This was our final race of our 7 race points series that started back in October of 2012 in Nashville, MI at the Kellogg Education Center. We were bitten with the Venue Bug once again this year but with the support of our racers we still had a excellent turnout all season long. We had 1 race at the Kellogg school, 2 races at TSS Hobbies, 1 Race at Hillsdale RC and 3 at the Germania Hall which is the home of the Downriver R/C club. Without them our race series would have been dead in the water but we marched through the battles and had ourselves a most excellent series.

Our racers and supporters are the best group of people on the planet! We had custom Pit Towels and our Trophys made by Court-Side Inc. for the Podium finishers and some extras for prizes. Our list of supporters is grand and each and every one of them stepped up to the plate for our club and gave us some really sweet prizes for our racers! COW RC is our main title sponsor and provided TQ prizes all year long for each of our classes and a nice Gift Cert. for each of our top place finishers in each class. CPE, Hesse Machine and Nankin Hobby all provided Gift Certificates. Pro Line provided Ford Raptor and Chevy Silverado bodies also Masher and Badland tire sets. Team Blue Groove provided a host of Monster Jam clear bodies. ZRP Racing provided BTA kits and Lower 4 Link kit. With the MONSTERS providing Pit Towels, a Parma Mercury shell, Parma MJ decal sheet and Faskolor liquid mask and detailing pen. Castle Creations provided 30% and 50% coupons. Darkside Designs painted one of the best looking shells I have ever seen and donated it to us for a prize. Each and every one of our racers was able to receive something great by one of these supporters and we all want to give a huge THANK YOU to them for offering up these prizes for a job well done by all. It was a very exciting season and to walk away with something for your racing efforts is just awesome!

The weekend started off with Jim and Dan setting up the track on Friday. We ran a nice 3 lane course with 3 jumps and then added a 4th jump for the 3rd bracket. We had planned a Pot Luck lunch and everybody brought a ton of food and drink with desserts so not one person went hungry or thirsty all day long! Theresa even had a custom Monster Jam cake made to celebrate the end of our season. How cool is that!

Panoramic view of our facility :

At each event our days start out with the Novice class warming up their tires on the track for qualifying times and then bracket racing. We had a lot of great battles between all of our Novice drivers this year as most of them were returning after racing our 1st season together. Miss Katie is getting a lot better behind the wheel earning some race wins and a top TQ time in Round 6! She is a inspiration to all with her smile and great attitude at each event. I love teaching her how to race and have a good time with everyone. Zane had a great season running his CPE Terminators to several victories and TQ's. His Venom Spiderman was his most consistent racing truck of the season and he is really starting to show how good of a racer at heart he is. Josh finally came back to our series after playing soccer all winter and was able to enjoy the day with us running his 2 awesome ZRP Diablos. The kids have a great time playing together and racing each other during the day. Miss Katie had a mechanical failure on Pet Shop Crusher that put that truck out for the day and Animal ran great. Venom Spiderman, Green Lantern, Monster Patrol and Ben 10 ran great all day. These 3 racers will return again for Season 3 in the Novice class and it sounds like we might have a couple more kids next year! This is the future Pro Modified class!

Our newest class the Traxxas Monster Jam Box Stock class was raced by many and turned out to be a really big class by the end of the series! It started out strong and got stronger as the season went on. When we moved to the Germania Hall we picked up several new Pede racers and they all expressed how much they loved the style of racing we offer! The Downriver R/C club races these Monster Jam Pedes in their weekly program on Thursday evenings doing lap racing. So a lot of their regular members all raced them in our class doing Monster Jam. Nothing like being able to race your RC in two different programs! Now that is cost effective! haha These trucks are a handful of fun and fast to boot. Dan's trucks were super fast all season, he raced Max D, Grave Digger 30th Anniv. and Monster Mutt to a slew of race wins and a few TQ's at the events. Mike's Max D and Grinder trucks were the thorn that was in Dan's tires all season long taking wins and TQ's alongside his toughest competitor. Matt, Tim and Mike were in the class all year racking up points and getting faster at each round. One of our new racers Chad had to drop out of the season to help some family members and we hope he returns soon. He has a lot of talent and his trucks all performed great! We met some new racers while at TSS Hobbies but have yet to see them back at Downriver but we gained new racers who are all now true MONSTERS! Jerry, Molly, Joe and Mike have expressed how much they enjoy our series and they will be back to join us next season. Who knew this would be such a great class! I am glad I started it.

Our premier Pro Modified class is our flagship for the club. This class is the main reason I started the Michigan MONSTERS of RC and I could not be happier with our racers dedication to our small section of the industry. When I started racing with my Powers and Ripper equipped Clods I never could of dreamed of where we are today having a successful series and club. Having our VP Jon Zyck owning his own company producing quality racing chassis kits and one of the greatest Clodbuster Performance companies of all time still by our side, Crawford Performance Engineering is still racking up Championships each and every year by some of the best racers in the community.

The Pro Mod class was a absolute blast to race in and to see how many racers improve throughout the season was really great. Jim and Dan are always on top of their game wracking up points with their trucks at each round. Many times the two had to do the comrade battle and take one another out! Jim's CPE Space Ghost Terminator took the points lead in round one and never looked back. Dan's Big Dawg was as consistent as it gets earning solid point totals at each event. Phil's Patrana 199 and Nitro Circus took a few rounds to get hooked up and then in the second half of the season started to show impressive wins round after round and also taking a couple top TQ's. Mike came to a few races and was always gunning for a quicker time than the last and took his first bracket win at our final with his Spider-Man Diablo Clod! He is a great guy and helps me out at the PC too, this man is a great announcer! haha Matt and Tim raced solid all season with Bigfoot, Blue Thunder, Madusa and Predator. These two came to almost every one of our races and were a great addition to both of our classes. Mike's Grave Digger, Sudden Impact and Bigfoot Clods had their ups and downs but always came back for more and I know Mike will have these in tip top race shape for next season. He is always willing to help out no matter what you ask of him and always has a smile on his face. Our most improved driver of the year Stephen came from our Novice Champion in Season 1 to running in the top of the pack in Pro Mod for Season 2. This boy is learning quick! Laying down consistent times and taking a bunch of race wins all season long. His Bulldozer, Monster Energy, Inferno and Ogio Bagster raced all season long with almost no down time which plagued his first racing season. Jon's trucks are always fast and furious hitting the jumps trying to touch the ceiling and trying his hardest to fold a tire off the rim at each corner. He is our resident strength tester that is for sure! LOL! Instigator, Eliminator, Virginia Giant and Blacksmith were all super fast this season with his very own Diablo chassis under each lid. I myself have started to come around and win a few races. I am feeling much more comfortable on the track racing my team of ZRP Diablo's to some pretty good finishes this season and tried to take a bracket win coming up short a time or two. Chillin Villain, Anger Management and the Dark Cow all did great though and I look forward to next season all ready!

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Default Re: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

Our Championship Final Race Results!

Novice Race Wins :
Race 1 - Josh - ZRP Monster Patrol Diablo
Race 2 - Zane - CPE Venom Spiderman Terminator
Race 3 - Zane - CPE Venom Spiderman Terminator

Round # 7 Novice Top TQ was nabbed by Zane and his CPE Venom Spiderman Terminator with a 15.981 sec lap and grabbed himself a COW RC MOO Slick for his efforts!

Novice Class Season Point Totals :
1st - Venom Spiderman ZC - 28 pts
2nd - Green Lantern ZC - 26 pts
3rd - Monster Patrol JZ - 13 pts
4th - Animal KC - 10 pts
4th - Ben 10 JZ - 10 pts
5th - Pet Shop Crusher KC - 9 pts
6th - Wheely King TP - 3 pts
7th - Grave Digger JM - 2 pts

Our Season 2 Novice Class!

Traxxas Monster Jam Box Stock Race Wins :
Race 1 - Mike - Max D Pede
Race 2 - Mike - Max D Pede
Race 3 - Joe - Son Uva Digger Pede

Our top TQ for the Traxxas Box Stock class went to Mike Mascia and his Maximum Destruction Stampede with a lap time of 13.261 and nabbed himself a COW RC MOOtor cleaner for his efforts!

Traxxas Monster Jam Box Stock Season Point Totals :
1st - Maximum Destruction DD - 54 pts
2nd - Grave Digger 30th Anniv. DD - 51 pts
3rd - Maximum Destruction MM - 47 pts
3rd - Monster Mutt DD - 47 pts
4th - Grinder MM - 40 pts
5th - Son Uva Digger MD - 27 pts
6th - Captains Curse TD - 19 pts
7th - Grave Digger ME - 16 pts
8th - Grave Digger TD - 15 pts
9th - Monster Mutt CG - 14 pts
10th - Madusa MD - 13 pts
11th - Son Uva Digger JG - 12 pts
12th - Grave Digger JC - 11 pts
13th - Bounty Hunter JR - 11pts
14th - Grave Digger ZC - 7 pts
15th - Monster Mutt ME - 7 pts
16th - Metal Mulisha MK - 6 pts
17th - Monster Mutt MR - 4 pts
18th - Monster Mutt JG - 4 pts
19th - Captains Curse DM - 3 pts
20th - Grave Digger JD - 3 pts
21st - Monster Mutt BF - 3 pts
22nd - Monster Mutt MM - 3 pts
23rd - Captains Curse PO - 3 pts
24th - Blue Thunder NZ - 2 pts
25th - Monster Mutt BC - 2 pts
26th - Grave Digger PW - 2 pts
27th - Monster Mutt AH - 2 pts
28th - Captains Curse KW - 2 pts

Our Traxxas Monster Jam Box Stock Class!

Pro Modified Race Wins :
Race 1 - Phil - TTR Nitro Circus Ripper Pro
Race 2 - Phil - TTR Nitro Circus Ripper Pro
Race 3 - Mike - ZRP Spider-Man Diablo

Our Pro Modified Top TQ of the day was Phil's ZRP Pastrana 199 Diablo with a lap time of 12.163 and he nabbed himself a COW RC Duster for his efforts!

Pro Modified Season Points Totals :
1st - Space Ghost JG - 74 pts
2nd - Big Dawg DD - 56 pts
3rd - Nitro Circus PG - 51 pts
3rd - Pastrana 199 PG - 51 pts
3rd - Team GT JG - 51 pts
4th - Sudden Impact DD - 49 pts
5th - Blue Thunder DD - 46 pts
6th - Chillin Villain JC - 45 pts
6th - Bigfoot Power Wheels JG - 45 pts
7th - Underdog JG - 42 pts
8th - Anger Management JC - 38 pts
9th - Inferno SH - 37 pts
10th - Instigator JZ - 35 pts
11th - Eliminator JZ - 34 pts
12th - Monster Energy SH - 33 pts
13th - Team TSS JG - 30 pts
14th - Crazy Cow ME - 26 pts
14th - Dark Cow JC - 26 pts
15th - Bigfoot MD - 25 pts
16th - Blacksmith JZ - 24 pts
17th - Spider-Man ME - 23 pts
17th - Virginia Giant JZ - 23 pts
18th - Bigfoot Liberty DD - 20 pts
18th - Madusa MD - 20 pts
18th - Ogio Bagster SH - 20 pts
19th - Bulldozer SH - 18 pts
20th - Green Lantern ME - 17 pts
21st - Superman ME - 17 pts
22nd - Grave Digger MM - 15 pts
23rd - Gymkhana SK - 15 pts
24th - Sudden Impact MM - 15 pts
25th - White Ripper BP - 15 pts
26th - Little Tiger JZ - 14 pts
27th - Metal Mulisha CG - 14 pts
28th - Michigan MONSTER JC - 14 pts
29th - Shock Therapy RP - 14 pts
30th - Bigfoot MM - 13 pts
31st - Cult Energy CG - 13 pts
32nd - Iron Outlaw PG - 13 pts
33rd - Nightwing ME - 13 pts
34th - Superman CG - 12 pts
35th - Predator TD - 10 pts
36th - Sledgehammer PO - 10 pts
37th - Robin JD - 9 pts
38th - Superman BP - 8 pts
39th - Blue Thunder MD - 8 pts
40th - Doomsday SK - 7 pts
41st - Black Ripper BP - 6 pts
42nd - Metal Mulisha NZ - 6 pts
43rd - Son Uva Digger NZ - 6 pts
44th - Wraith Cow ME - 6 pts
45th - Grave Digger 30th Anniv. NZ - 5 pts
46th - Grave Digger BP - 5 pts
47th - Lucas Oil Crusader NZ - 5 pts
48th - Grave Digger PO - 5 pts
49th - Bad Boy Bigfoot SK - 4 pts
50th - Bad Boy Bigfoot NZ - 3 pts
51st - Bigfoot 2 AH - 2 pts
52nd - Bigfoot 2 MM - 2 pts
53rd - Grave Digger CG - 1 pt

Our Pro Modified Class!

Novice Class Podium winners !

Zane Chuhak 1st and 2nd Place. Zane received a 1st place prize pack with a 1st place trophy (2nd place also), COW RC $50 GC, Michigan MONSTER pit towel and a TBG Wolverine body :

Josh Zyck 3rd place. Josh received a trophy and a Michigan MONSTER pit towel. :

Here is Katie just because she is so dang cute.....LOL! She received a Michigan MONSTER pit towel.

Traxxas Box Stock Podium Winners!

Dan DuFore placed 1st and 2nd in Pede. Dan received his 1st place prize pack with a 1st place trophy (2nd place also), a COW RC $50 GC, Michigan MONSTER pit towel and a TBG Bigfoot body.

Mike Mascia placed 3rd in Pede.

Our Pro Modified Podium winners!

Jim Grahl placed 1st and received a prize pack with a 1st place trophy, a COW RC $50 GC, Michigan MONSTER pit towel and a TBG Bigfoot body.

Dan DuFore placed 2nd in Pro Mod.

Phil Grande placed 3rd in Pro Mod.

Our most improved driver of the year award received a custom painted body done by Darkside Designs. This years recipient is Stephen Hopkins! Way to go man!!

The rest of the competitors were able to pick from our Pro Line prize table full of awesome items!

Our tasty Pot Luck had everyone smelling food and making our stomach growl! Lunch time could not come quick enough. I even had one little Miss Katie get sugar sick at one point with a tummy ache.....LOL!

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Default Re: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

Our CPE Starting gate!

Head on over to COW RC and get yourself geared up with the R/C Maintenance King! http://www.cowrc.com/

Pro Line bodies are one of the most used in our series. From awesome replica paint jobs to stellar one of a kind designs Pro Line bodies are the strongest in the industry!

More pics of our Championship Final!

Josh Zyck's ZRP Ben 10 Diablo

Novice champ Venom Spiderman getting the jump on Monster Patrol

Animal airing it out over the cars!

Venom Spiderman getting the quick reaction time out of the gate.

Crazy Cow getting the edge at the finish line over Sudden Impact

Many of the races came down to the wire like this one between the Ogio Bagster and Bigfoot Power Wheels.

Nitro Circus and Team TSS at the start of the race.

Crazy COW!

Team GT and Spider-Man cruising over the cars.

Matt's Blue Thunder getting some air over the crushed cars.

The new Wraith Cow putting down some impressive racing action.

Underdog coming in for a win over Predator.

Instigator getting the jump on Bigfoot off the starting line.

Eliminator rounding the last turn before the finish gate.

Josh's Monster Patrol

Mike brought his Boyer Bigfoot for us all to drool on.....haha One sweet rig!

Head on over the the folder on PhotoBucket to view the complete selection of pictures from the event. If any of our racers captured some more shots or video please post them up for all to see!! Thanks!!

That completes the COW RC / RCMTC-MI Season #2! We would like to thank all of our supporters. COW RC, Crawford Performance Engineering, ZRP Racing, Pro Line, Nankin Hobby, Hesse Machine, Castle Creations, Darkside Designs, Team Blue Groove, Parma, Downriver R/C, Germania Hall, TSS Hobbies, Hillsdale RC, Pero Performance and the Kellogg Education Center for a great season. We could not have done it without you all!

If you would like to stay up to date with what the MONSTERS are up to head on over to our website here :
Go to the events tab and view the google calendar with our Season #3 already in the books at the Germania Hall. Or if you are a Facebook user go to our page and hit the " Like " button to get updates from us.

We thank you for your support of Michigan Monster Truck Racing! See ya all soon! [/b]

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Default Re: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

Very cool. Looks like it was definitely a great time.
Makes me want to start collecting parts for a clodbuster.
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Default Re: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

Check that, made me want to start collecting parts.

My clodbuster was delivered last night.
Going to start the tear down and figure out what needs to be worked on and what needs to be improved.
First thing to do is come up with a fix for the super small bearing in the trans and figure out something different for the 4-link mount.

Figured this was a good start...
Thunder Tech Ripper chassis
Bearings in gear boxs and axles
Tekin 420 G2 ESC
Hitec HS965mg servo
ESP Clodzilla Motors 17Turn mods
Losi Shocks
Futaba R133F RX and Futaba FM T3 PDF Magnum TX

The radio gear will be sold to someone looking to build a classic RC10, as it would be period correct and perfect..
Trying to decide on brushed or brushless and will be on the search for some newer tires...
I'll start a build thread soon..

What are the rules for shafty trucks, like the Mad/Twin Force and Wraith???

I was considering a build with Wraith Axles, an axial transmission, and a monster style chassis..
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Default Re: COW RC RCMTC-MI 2013 Championship Final Race Recap!

That is awesome you got a Ripper. Those are great trucks. Dan drove one to second place in our series this year with a TTR truck. You can find the rules for the shafty trucks under our Pro Mod class. Same class as Clods so you would run with us. Brad Pitt runs a Twin Force and a couple other guys run wraith axles and they are good trucks. Very competitive.


I think that list of parts is great. Might want to get some 12T motors though for Pro Mod. 17s are a bit slow. Brushless is great if you can get some systems. 4600-5800 is a good starting point. Or run 3300-3600 w/ some adjustable motor mounts with a high pinion. Makes a smooth running truck. Tires you can run any IMEX Baja, Puller or some Rumbles.

Contact us if you have any more questions!

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